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North Shore Community College

North Shore Community College Commencement

NSCC Commencement Speaker:
Al Wilson

NSCC Commencement Speaker Al Wilson Mr. Wilson, a North Shore resident, is the founder of the Beyond Walls project in Lynn and has dedicated the last couple of years to bringing positivity, through art and creation, to Lynn and the North Shore. The selection committee felt that the Beyond Walls project embodies the spirit, energy and devotion to community that we would like to see our students embody.

To see more about the project and Mr. Wilson, you can visit the Beyond Walls project website.

NSCC Commencement Student Speaker

Francisco 'Dany' Acosta, A.A., Liberal Arts '18 Francisco "Dany" Acosta, A.A., Liberal Arts '18
Francisco "Dany" Acosta, was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. He credits "process, perseverance, and purpose" with allowing him to rebound from a troubled youth to the success he is today.

Dany's life began a downward spiral in middle school and by high school he was using drugs and involved with gangs. His poor lifestyle choices led to chronic kidney failure resulting in 19 surgeries and ultimately the loss of sight in both his eyes.

Moving from LA to Lynn started him on a new path. He enrolled at NSCC and has subsequently thrived, earning a GPA of 3.94. He is the President of Delta Alpha Pi and Youth United, teaches English to Spanish speaking immigrants and volunteers at Building Bridges Through Music. He has been published in SPARK, Breaking Barriers, local school magazines, and helped publish the "Pass It On" magazine. He created the Envision Workshops, which equips visually impaired students with strategies to become successful honor students. And, he created a YouTube channel called "Faith Not Sight Ministry" where he teaches youth to evangelize.

Dany's future plans are to transfer to Salem State University and get his Bachelors in Social Work, then his Masters, and eventually a PhD. "If I left a footprint at NSCC, I hope it is sharing the knowledge that anything is possible for anyone regardless of disability or circumstance, and that we all have a purpose to fulfill."

NSCC Commencement Student Soloist

Emmanuella Ofurie, A.A., Liberal Arts '18 Emmanuella Ofurie, A.A., Liberal Arts '18
Emmanuella Ofurie was born in Nigeria and immigrated to the United States five years ago. While pursuing a Liberal Arts degree, she has twice been a Presidential Scholar, is a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, the TRIO Student Advisory Committee, and a recipient of many grants, scholarships, and awards. Emmanuella worked in the Danvers campus library as a work study student as well as in the Office of Student Engagement on the Lynn campus. She also works as a Patient Care Assistant at North Shore Medical Center. After graduation, Emmanuella plans to transfer to Simmons College to pursue a degree in Public Health. Her dream is to become a nurse practitioner and to work in a community health facility bringing excellent medical care to families and children.

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