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Our philosophy is to address the issues which frequently deter women from attaining their potential goals. The program is geared to the needs of women with families, jobs, and other responsibilities who wish to prepare for the future. This program empowers women to think assertively and to become independent in their thoughts and actions. The program has several supports in place to ensure your success:

  • An Orientation will be held in late August to welcome you to the college and to the Women in Transition Program. Spend time getting to know other WIT students, familiarize yourself with the Danvers Campus, take Assessment Tests, and meet your faculty and administrators.
  • Students have the opportunity to meet once each week within the program schedule for a support group. This is a time to check-in with and support each other, to learn many resources available on campus and off, to hear from outside speakers about their individual journeys and careers, and to socialize.
  • WIT students take their courses together in a class that is only open to them. The faculty of the program work as a team so as to make sure that any student who needs some assistance receives it in a timely manner.
  • There is also a WIT Club for students and alum which offers many diverse opportunities available throughout the academic year.
  • The Program Coordinator works closely with the Student Support Center, Center for Alternative Studies, Tutors, Disability Services, and other campus departments that WIT students may need to access.
  • The Program Coordinator is available to all students when they are on campus as a support counselor, guide, and resource.
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