Summer Academy July to August

During the summer, 45 students participate in a six-week Summer Academy which is divided into 3 weeks on campus at NSCC and 3 weeks away at a residential site. Each year the Summer Academy has a specific theme which guides what classes and co-curricular activities are offered. Past themes include Science Fiction, Global Awareness, and Technology.

The Summer Academy offers engaging and exciting academic classes in Literature & Composition, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Foreign Languages, SAT/MCAS prep, and theme-based electives. Rising seniors participate in Senior Seminar, a course that prepares them for their senior year of high school and the college application process.

In addition, the Summer Academy offers a host of afternoon workshops, college visits, health and fitness activities, field trips and group projects designed to develop and improve students’ communication and collaborative learning skills. The Summer Academy also provides opportunities for students to participate in summer long competitions, team building exercises, and an individual reflective project due at the end of the program.

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