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TEAS Score Requirements by Program

2018 Program Requirements

ATI TEAS (TEAS version 6) is the current version of the TEAS test. Students who took an earlier version of the test should check with the program chair person or attend an information session specific to their program for cut-score information.

ATI TEAS Requirements for NSCC Nursing and Allied Health Programs

Program TEAS Required Sections Required Scores Required
Reading Math Science English
Nurse Education (NSG) Yes ALL 69% 73% 60.4% 70%
Occupational Therapy Assist. (OTA) Yes ALL * * * *
Occupational Therapy Assist. Accelerated (OTX) Yes ALL * * * *
Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) Yes ALL * * * *
Practical Nursing (PNR) Yes ALL 69% 63.3% 45.8% 60%
Radiological Tech (RAD) Yes ALL 69% 70% 50% *
Respiratory Care (RSP) Yes ALL 65% * * *

* Section is required but no minimum score has been determined.

NOTE: Nurse Education, Practical Nursing programs and Respiratory Care require that the ATI TEAS test be taken at North Shore Community College Lynn or Danvers Campus.

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