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Building Operations

Chilled beams use chilled water to remove heat from rooms in the same way as the geothermal systems does.

Various sustainable building features such as chilled beams, solar shades, low flow toilets, lighting controls and a green roof improve operation of the Health Professions & Student Services Building by reducing energy use and improving building comfort.

Geothermal wells in the parking lot assist with heating and cooling the building. Chilled beams use ventilation from the outside to create convection in rooms, making the building cool in the summer and hot in the winter. Rainwater on the roof is recovered and piped from the roof to a tank in the ground. This water is cleaned and used to flush toilets as well as irrigate plantings.

To stay true to its commitment to be green, the College has purchased RECs (Renewable Energy Credits), to be used by the ZNEB when the use of grid power is necessary to supplement the building's production.

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