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Here's what the RAP Experience can offer you!

A personal peer success coach who will be their point of contact for all things NSCC! They’ll check in with students regularly to see how their NSCC experience is going and to offer support when needed.

Membership in the MALES or SISTERS Society, a peer group of learners, working to develop alliances on campus to support one another through college.

Complimentary family membership at the Demakes Family YMCA, including drop-in childcare, a playroom, and quiet space for the parent to connect to their remote classes and complete schoolwork.

Opportunities to work with the program's new Career Exploration Counselor to explore skills, interests, and careers students can pursue at NSCC.

A new student lounge designed to provide a safe, welcoming environment for students to relax and make learning more enjoyable. (Coming this Spring!)

A dedicated tutor offering support and study groups.

Dedicated ESL resources for RAP students who's primary language is not English.

And incentives as students progress in the program, including scholarships and rewards!



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