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What is a PQR number and how do I get one if I don’t have one already?

EEC requires that all educators participate in the ‘Professional Qualifications Registry’. If you work in a center or a family child care system, check with your supervisor to see if they have already entered you into the PQR. If not, you can do it yourself and find more information at the EEC website.  www.mass.gov/eec  Your PQR number must be ‘ACTIVE’ in order to participate in any of the R3P grant opportunities.  You must update your PQR at least once per year to be considered ‘active’.

What is the ‘program number’ and how do I find it?

In addition to a license number, EEC also assigns a ‘Program Number’ to each center and family child care home. We are required to report the program number of all grant participants each month.  You can find your Program Number on your EEC license.

How will I know if I’m registered and when will I be notified?

We will make every effort to give notice of all accepted applications two weeks before a course begins. All notification is done through email, so please check your email frequently. If you are filling out an application for someone else, please make sure to include their email address.

Am I eligible to participate in the R3P?

To be eligible and to participate in professional development activities sponsored by EEC through the EPS grant, educators must meet the eligibility requirements listed below. Educators who fail to comply with these requirements may be required to repay the Commonwealth for financial assistance received.  Programs that serve ‘high need children and families’ are prioritized.

1. Work in an EEC-funded, EEC licensed or license-exempt early education and care or out of school time program (i.e., group child care, family child care, school age child care, or Head Start program); in Massachusetts;

2. Agree to complete data forms (to be specified by EEC) and/or share directory information with EEC; and

3. Agree to not use multiple funding sources to supplant the actual cost of professional development activities.

4.  Have an ‘Active’ PQR number.  See previous question and answer above.

Can I take a course through the R3P even if I’m not located in Region 3?

Yes. The Career Pathways grant and courses are open to all educators.

How do I apply? Am I able to apply by phone or fax or only on the website?

Applications for courses and services are available online only.  Due to the high volume of applications, we are not able to accept them by phone or fax.

May I apply for more than one class?

Yes, as long as you can attend everything you are accepted for. Please wait for the acceptance email before showing up to class.

What if I am accepted but then have to cancel?

Please email Mercedes Villar (mvillar@northshore.edu) with any cancellations. Keep in mind that we often have a waiting list, so advance notice is appreciated.

Does it cost anything to take a course?

Currently all professional development offerings through the R3P are free of charge. Textbooks and CEU fees (if applicable) are the responsibility of the participant.  The only fee is for the Emerging Leaders Project and that is $50.

What kinds of supports are available for program accreditation?

The R3P can provide a coach/mentor to work with your program on accreditation needs and can sometimes pay for up to half of a program’s accreditation fees.  More information and application forms are on the R3P website.

What services are available if I want to learn more English (ESL)?

Check the R3P webpage under ‘ESL and Español’ or contact Mercedes Villar (mvillar@northshore.edu) for information on our ‘contextualized ESL’ classes.

What is the Early Educator’s Scholarship and who is eligible?

The Office of Student Financial Services and EEC work together to administer this scholarship, which is available to educators who have worked in an EEC licensed or license exempt program(s) for at least one year and are actively pursuing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree at a participating Massachusetts college/university.

What are the ‘Core Competencies’?

EEC has developed eight specific ‘Core Competency’ areas that are critical to our work with young children. More information on Core Competencies

What is QRIS?

The Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) is a quality rating scale for child care programs that looks at quality indicators, much like a star rating system for hotels. More information about QRIS

What is a CDA?

The Child Development Associate (CDA) is a nationally recognized, competency based credential for educators. More information about CDA

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