Pass It On: Accepting our Differences

Pass It On is a yearlong project created by members of the Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society at North Shore Community College and supported by a grant from the Learning Disabilities Foundation of America. This project was created specifically for middle school kids, many of whom struggle with difference and can use this project as a light at the end of the tunnel to guide them. We are grateful to have partnered with NSCC staff and faculty on this project, and we are thrilled to share the publication and film here.

The Pass It On Publication

Ten DAPi students from North Shore Community College and the University of Denver tell their stories of transformation from middle school to college and share tips on how to support kids with a variety of learning differences.

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The Pass It On Film

DAPi discusses the challenge of experiencing learning differences in middle school and points to meaningful changes that can establish a more hopeful and helpful culture of learning in middle school and beyond. 

The Pass It On Launch

In April 2017, DAPi welcomed a group of middle school students to campus to officially launch the Pass It On project. DAPi members engaged kids through interactive learning stations that taught positivity strategies, methods to reduce anxiety, firsthand experiences of dyslexia and achievement, and an overview of the academic and social opportunities available in college. After kids received personal copies of the publication and watched the Pass It On Film on the big screen, they were challenged to share their reflections.

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