NSCC Lynn Campus

Attend our 2023 March Open House!

NSCC Lynn Campus | Saturday, March 25, 2023 | 10:00am – 12:00pm

Schedule of activities

10:00AM—12:00PM: Resource Fair (2nd Floor Lounge)
Snacks and Child Activities (LW202)
Admissions Application Help (1st Floor)
FAFSA & Financial Aid Assistance (1st Floor)
PEP Talks (see below)

Campus Tours run every 15 minutes from the 2nd Floor Lounge.


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Free Professional Education
Courses (LW207)

ESL Programs (LW226)

Social Media Marketing (LW224)

Cannabis Certificate (LW225)


Advanced Manufacturing (LW206)

Dual Language Pathway (LW226)

Digital Production Studies (LW224)

Business Programs (LW207)


Free Machinist Training Program (LW207)

Physical Therapy Assistant (LW224)

Cannabis Certificate (LW225)

Dual Language Pathway (LW226)

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NSCC students on campus

See what makes us different!

Start on the next chapter of your life at North Shore Community College and see how we can help you with your college goals and career dreams!

  • Build college around life and work with flexible course times.
  • Earn credit for prior learning and life experience.
  • Tour our campus and learn about new programs starting Fall 2023.
  • Explore programs and training for new job skills and better salaries.
  • Avoid unnecessary debt with financial aid and payment options.
  • Connect with personal support to help you throughout your program.

What we do best is help students succeed.

We can say it, or you can hear it directly from our alumni.

Headshot of North Shore Community College alumna and new employee Solmaria Deleon


Meet Solmaria Deleon, ‘22


Sol’s advice to future students is that even if you don’t think you can balance work and life with school, you can.

“I’ve lived it. If you are hesitant about enrolling as an adult learner, NSCC is the place for you.”



Headshot of North Shore Community College alumnus Sean Reid


Meet Sean Reid, ‘22


The education I received, the support I received, and the skills I was able to develop at NSCC are just as good, if not better than 4-year institutions. This is a community that will help you succeed.


Hear what our students say!

  ON MY WAY original music and lyrics by Gwendolyn Squires, NSCC Liberal Arts Alum!

NSCC students having fun.

Attend our 2023 March Open House!

NSCC Lynn Campus
Saturday, March 25, 2023
10:00am – 12:00pm

Our mission is our pledge to students

NSCC is an accredited public institution of higher education where all are welcome and each is challenged. We are a diverse, caring, inclusive community that will inspire you to become an engaged citizen and to achieve your personal, academic, and career goals. NSCC will prepare you for life in a changing world and workforce through affordable and excellent educational opportunities aligned with today's economic needs.

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