Coronavirus Update from President Gentile, March 18


Greetings Students and NSCC Community,

NSCC is still on spring break this week.  In my advisory yesterday, I may not have been clear enough about what next week will bring. We got lots of questions. So, this advisory will be short and concise and, hopefully, clear up some confusion.


  • No courses are running at all.
  • On Thursday, the Lynn and Danvers Campuses will be open from 9 AM - 1 PM for students who may need help with registration, advising, financial aid, etc.  The Student Success Centers will be staffed with a "skeleton" staff and practicing safe social distancing and sanitizing.  You can always call and email your questions - or google chat - and someone will get back to you asap because many of our staff are working remotely.
  • The campuses remain closed to the public - i.e. no one but employees or students will be admitted to the campus buildings.
  • We are closed, as usual, on Saturday and Sunday
  • There are no in-person classes next week.  Governor Baker has requested that all face-to-face classes held on campus be suspended for next week.  We are complying with that request.
  • On Monday, March 23, 2020, only ONLINE classes will resume.  These are the online classes that were scheduled as online since the spring semester started in January.  This means you have been in an online class all this semester so far and it does not mean an in-person class has just transitioned to online. These courses are slated to end on May 11, instead of the original date.
  • On Monday, March 23, 2020, those online 7-week classes that should have started on March 16 will start.  These are accelerated terms classes that are provided online, which also now end on May 11.
  • We are working quickly to transition face-to-face courses to remote options.  By remote options we are not only including online, it could also be correspondence, it could be simulcasting, use of other technologies, or other strategies.  Some of these course restarts may be ready for next Monday, March 23 and others may not be ready until Monday, March 30.  Your instructor and the Academic Office will be getting specific information on YOUR course(s) transition to a remote learning experience to you as soon as possible.
We truly appreciate your patience and flexibility as we work to support your educational goal.  We will get you to your course and/or program completion.  We will make sure that you graduate this semester if you are finishing your program and earning your credential.  We will make sure that you have what you need to pass your licensing exams.  We will do everything possible to help you be successful.
Please be sure to keep yourself safe and healthy by following public health advice.  You can find some great tips here: coronavirus/2019-ncov/prepare/ prevention.html
Patricia A. Gentile, Ed.D.,President
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