Coronavirus Update from President Gentile, March 16


Greetings NSCC Students and NSCC Community,

The COVID-19 situation continues to intensify in Massachusetts as it does across the country.  As you are aware, Governor Baker held a press conference Sunday evening to expand his state emergency declaration closing K-12 schools across the Commonwealth for the next three weeks and encouraging everyone to stay home, work remotely, and take social distancing seriously. 

As you are also aware, this week is an extended Spring Break week which continues our spring break from last week.  This means no courses are running this week.  In addition, we closed the campuses today to the public in accordance with Governor Baker’s expanded state of emergency declaration.  We shall also continue to close the college to the public on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 as the Governor has requested.

We are all working hard to prepare for and support our students in completing their spring course work.  You shall receive an update again tomorrow after we make some more decisions regarding how that will be accomplished.  You can count on daily updates this week so that you can stay informed on what’s happening at NSCC.  Our focus is to keep everyone safe and healthy and to maximize our employee opportunities to work remotely as well as to maximize your alternative opportunities to complete the semester. We haven’t solved all the issues yet but are working hard to get everything in place as this virus continues to disrupt normal activities.

Your hands, I am sure, are full handling the COVID –19 issues in your work, family and community.  Focus this week on your and their needs – school shall resume in the future and you will have the opportunity to reach your educational goals. 

Because this situation changes in minutes, we are going day by day.  We certainly wish we could plan longer term and satisfy all your questions and concerns.  We’re all doing our best.  Meanwhile, stay safe, healthy, wash your hands often, stay away from crowds and check into your Northshore email and our website daily.  Remember, email is our official means of communication to you.


Patricia A. Gentile, Ed.D.,President

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