Maleek Byrd

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When I enrolled into the Summer Bridge Program, I thought the best thing about it was that it was free. While it was great that I was able to save money on my classes, but, what I actually gained was an experience that was worth so much. Ms. Deleveaux, the professor in the First Year Experience course really changed my perspective about whether or not I fit in college. She challenged us to think about what our “WHY” was – why we were in college and who we were doing it for. I realized that just because we’re marginalized minority students, doesn’t mean that we can’t be just as successful as our non-minority peers. I won’t be another statistic for the population of men of color who don’t successfully complete college; I want to be one of the many who persist and work in a career that I am passionate about. Oh, I almost forgot, if that wasn’t enough, my math skills really improved during the summer bridge program, too!

Maleek Byrd | Business Administration Associate Degree
Lynn Technical High School, Class of 2018


Willy Gomez 

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I could write a whole essay about what the MALES Program has meant to me. I was in my Comp 1 class when Michele Cubelli Harris walked into my classroom to speak about the program and everything she had said resonated with me so deeply that I decided to join right away, and I have been blessed with amazing opportunities and friendships that have turned into a brotherhood.  

The MALES program provides support, gives you advice on how to stay on track with your academic work, helps you to strive to reach your goals and teaches you how to stay determined even when you feel that there is no energy left. As a result of my involvement, I have been inspired to do better in school, at work, and just in my everyday life. The guest speakers at our monthly RAP (Represent, Achieve & Persist) Sessions share their own stories and help you mold yourself to become someone that will give back to the community doing rewarding work. I will forever be grateful for the brotherhood, for the love and for the support of the MALES Program. 

Willy Gomez | Liberal Arts Associate Degree
Lynn English High School, Class of 2017

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