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Find your next career in higher education at North Shore Community College! North Shore Community College is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.


Director of Educational Opportunity Center (EOC), Educational Talent Search (ETS), and Upward Bound (UB)

Director of Student Engagement

Financial Analyst (Staff Associate), Fiscal Affairs Office


Adjunct Faculty, Computer Hardware, Fall 2016

Adjunct Faculty, Contemporary Organizational Communications, Fall 2016

Adjunct Faculty, Corporate Finance, Fall 2016

Adjunct Faculty, Culinary Arts and Food Service, Fall 2016

Adjunct Faculty, English/Composition/Literature, Fall 2016

Adjunct Faculty, Human Growth and Development, Fall 2016

Adjunct Faculty, Information Technology & Its Applications, Fall 2016

Adjunct Faculty, Introduction to Turf, Fall 2016

Adjunct Faculty, Principles of Management, Fall 2016

Adjunct Faculty, Psychology, Fall 2016

Adjunct Faculty, Small Business Financial Management, Fall 2016

Adjunct Faculty, Sociology, Fall 2016

Adjunct Faculty, Speech, Fall 2016

Non-Credit, Adjunct Faculty, Grant Writing Essentials

PT Nursing Skills Laboratory Instructor, Nurse Education Program


There are no positions available at this time.


Health Simulation Coordinator (Technical Specialist)

Clerical/Office Support

Administrative Assistant I, Human Resources

Part-time Switchboard Operator, Information Systems

Campus Police

There are no positions available at this time.


North Shore Community College is committed to assisting all the members of the College community in providing for their own safety and security. NSCC makes the annual security compliance document available on the web or you can request a copy be mailed to you by calling (978) 762-4090 or e-mailing: campus-police@northshore.edu.

For more information on employment at North Shore Community College, please contact us at (978) 739-5422 or hr@northshore.edu.

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