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  Holiday Gatherings

Friday, December 17, 2021

      10-11 a.m. Lynn Cafe        2-3 p.m. Danvers Old Cafe (Math & Science Bldg.)

Come Mingle with your colleagues and enjoy some holiday cheer. We’ll provide the Jingle.


Make-Your-Own Hot Chocolate Bar

Coffee    Punch    Cookies    Holiday Cupcakes

Festive attire encouraged

Holiday Mask Contest

Free holiday raffles

Please RSVP to attend here

Masks Required




Kudos Korner
Congratulations to the 2021 Recipients of the
Commonwealth Citation for Outstanding Performance

This year NSCC participated in the Performance Recognition Program sponsored by the Commonwealth of MA which gives formal recognition to Commonwealth employees who make meaningful contributions, which distinguish them from their peers. These special awards focus attention on consistent, positive achievements by both individuals and teams of state employees, and recognize those who demonstrate innovation and dedication to their work and a commitment to excellence.

We received 12 nominations for the Citation Award. 

An employee selection committee reviewed all the nominations and recommended 7 award recipients which were approved by President Heineman.  We are pleased to announce the following recipients of the 2021 Commonwealth Citation for Outstanding Performance:

Christian Bednar
Olivia Countie
Amanda Dooling
Andrew Dore
Patricia Dube
Mark Randall
Cassandra Reed

Recipients were recognized at the November 23, 2021 College Forum meeting.

We would also  like to recognize the other Citation Award nominees:

Donna Davis
Maryellen Hunt
Maureen Nardella
Dominee Rivera
Lori Weir

Congratulations all!


Kudos Continue. . .

erinn gilmore


Congrats to ERINN GILMORE for being awarded her Ed. D!!! Erinn is the Program Coordinator for Developmental Disabilities.




troy smithDrs. Troy Smith (Professor of Sociology) and Tiffany Magnolia (Professor of English and Honors Program Coordinator) both recently led Digital Commonwealth workshops.  Dr. Magnolia led a workshop in Intercultural Competency, and Dr. Troy Smith, one entitled "Building Bridges of Inclusion". The film record is magnolic


Thank you to Troy and Tiffany for your leadership and commitment to social justice, and to our community!

--Andrea DeFusco-Sullivan, Interim VP of Academic Affairs






covid vaccine and syringe

Employee Vax Mandate and Reporting

In order to provide and maintain a learning and working environment that safeguards the health and well-being of the college community, effective January 3, 2022, all North Shore Community College employees must submit verification of their fully vaccinated status to the College, absent an approved accommodation.

The employee vaccination policy applies to all full- and part-time employees including faculty and staff, contract and/or hourly employees, interns, and volunteers regardless of whether work assignments are online or in-person as well as to those consultants, vendors or business/governmental invitees that have a regular presence on campus and/or routinely interact with students and/or employees, as determined by the College.  

The employee vaccination policy is intended to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and is based on applicable guidance from federal and state public health agencies.

The URL for the Employee Vaccination form is  You can also access it via a tile in the My Northshore portal, Covid-19 Vaccination Submission for Employees.  You can select the "Covid-19 Information" category or search on the term vaccine to locate the employee vaccination tile.

vax tile

Data will be stored in Banner using Finegrain security and only a few appropriate personnel who need to see this information, approved by HR and the CDEO, will have access. 

Employees who are unable to submit proof of full vaccination status for any reason and wish to seek a reasonable accommodation should direct their request to the College’s Human Resources Office. The Employee Accommodation form is accessible as an option from within the Employee Vaccination form. HR will review the reasonable accommodation request and grant a decision based on essential duties, health and safety in the learning and working environment, and other factors. In the event that the accommodation request is approved, the employee and their supervisor will be notified. The employee may be subject to additional health and safety protocols for the protection of the health of the employee and community, as determined by the College in consideration of public health and CDC guidance or mandates.

Employees who fail to submit verification of full vaccination by the January 3, 2022 deadline are not permitted to work either on campus or through telework or to be on campus for any purpose absent an approved reasonable accommodation.  If an employee does not verify vaccination or request and receive a reasonable accommodation, they will be put on unpaid leave for 14 calendar days.  Continued failure to submit required verification, absent an approved reasonable accommodation, shall be cause for discipline up to and including termination consistent with applicable collective bargaining agreements and/or employee handbook.

To make getting vaccinated easier, NSCC is now hosting a Vaccination Clinic in the Berry Building on the Danvers campus from 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. Schedule your appointment, including appointments for children, or find additional locations throughout the Commonwealth here:

Questions about the vax mandate may be directed to  Questions regarding employee vax accomodations should be directed to
President Heineman welcomes questions as well at




deisj logo

Annual Employee Affirmative Action and Title IX Training via Vector Solutions' SafeColleges due by 12/31/21

North Shore Community College is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from all forms of discrimination and harassment. As part of our commitment to student and employee safety and wellness, we have arranged for all employees to participate in an online training program titled Harassment and Discrimination Prevention. The College’s Affirmative Action Plan is included in the training:

This program is part of our ongoing efforts to foster a culture of respect among all members of our college community. It also engages faculty and staff on how to identify and report sexual and interpersonal misconduct, and defines consent, sexual assault, domestic and dating violence.

  1. Using your web browser, go to the Vector LMS, Higher Education Edition website for North Shore Community College:

  2. Enter your North Shore e-mail and password.

Please complete the trainings by 12/31/21. All certificates and completion status are automatically recorded through the training program; thus, you do not need to forward or share your certificate(s). However, you are welcome to keep them for your own personal records.

Please contact Nikki Pelonia at for further support.







navigate logo

Navigate Weekly Workshops

We are towards the end of Fall semester! As Spring 2022 registration is slowly creeping up, we want to invite you all again for some workshops on Availability & Calendar Syncs, Appointment Campaigns, and Tips & Tricks of the Academic Planning tool! Additionally, a lot of you may be wondering about your notes and appointment summaries, as well as any reports you want to run. There will be plenty of opportunity to join any of these weekly workshops to go over topics and ask questions of your own choosing!

As we continue through the semester and get ready for Spring, you may want to review your Navigate skills. You can do that through our Blackboard Navigate Training Course, or by visiting the Navigate team during any of these meeting days/times!

Wednesday, December 8

2:00PM - 2:45PM                   Academic Planning: Features, Functions, Tips & Tricks!

3:00PM - 3:45PM                   Open Session Time

Wednesday, December 15

2:00PM - 2:45PM                   Notes & Appointment Summaries // Running Reports

3:00PM - 3:45PM                   Open Session Time 


Thank you for your interest in Navigate!

John, Jake, and Scott



ls2 graphic

"Cutting Through the Noise: Building Community
Through a Time of Controversy,"

Anne Sears, Dermot Smyth, and yusef Hayes
(Fall 2021)

In a communication environment and digital landscape where conspiracy theories are mainstream, and critical investigation largely ignored, intellectual integrity continues to provide an alternative paradigm of knowledge building and solidarity. This conversation with three professors in the Cultural Arts Department at NSCC revolves around ways of seeing, thinking, and articulating strategies for approaching truth and creating a better world.

Recorded lecture available here. 









centro hub logo

Introducing CentroHub!

CentroHub now offers access to ALL the resources NSCC students need via a virtual concierge experience using Zoom. Whether it’s registering for classes, discussing a program of study, speaking with an academic counselor or exploring all financial assistance opportunities, we can assist students face-to-face, even if they’re studying remotely.   Explore CentroHub.




Registration for Spring 2022 is open!

A COVID-19 VACCINATION WILL BE REQUIRED for students attending in-person classes for Spring 2022 and for anyone coming to campus for in-person services.

Students registering for on-campus courses for the Spring 2022 semester must show proof of vaccination before they will be able to register for in-person courses or come to our campuses for in-person services.

Students who are ready to comply with this mandate can submit proof they are fully vaccinated right now:  Submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination. This link will only work if you are currently signed into your NSCC Gmail account.

NSCC will continue to offer courses for the Spring 2022 semester in online and video-conference formats. Students can register for these courses without proof of their COVID-19 vaccination status. 

Here is a link to the Massachusetts Community Colleges COVID-19 Vaccination Policy:Policy











20 minute clock

20 Minute Online Professional Development

The Monday Morning Mentor series will be available over the fall semester to bring you professional development in twenty-minute snippets.

For the week of December 06: What Can I Do to Manage and Reduce Academic Job Stress?


Directions for Accessing the Link to the Presentation and Supplemental Materials

Select the URL link below to access the presentation and to print the supplemental materials. (You may also copy and paste the URL into your browser’s address bar.) Supplemental materials are available to view and print now.  

New presentations go live at 10:00am each Monday morning and are only accessible through Sunday.

The series is being brought to you by the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Innovation – we would appreciate your input!

Andrea Milligan,






rap logo

rap peer succcess coaches

Learn More About the RAP Experience!

We would love to visit your classroom or staff meeting to tell you about the incredible benefits our program offers!

Simply complete the Classroom Request Form and we will follow-up with you!  We also have a video recording of our presentation for classes that meet asynchronously!

--Michele Cubelli Harris, Senior Special Program Coordinator




library sunday hours flyer






equality gif

Welcome to the
Equality & Equity Project

 As part of our commitment to Anti-Racism, Diversity & Inclusion, the Equality & Equity Project will provide historical and present-day information about the contributions, challenges, culture, and daily lives of the many vital groups that make up our NSCC community, and the larger world.

We invite you to visit often, reflect on what you see and read, discuss it with others and, hopefully, expand your knowledge base, appreciation, and understanding of groups beyond your own.

December Deep Dive:

Why is it so hard for women to talk about money? Open up social media, and you’ll see people sharing intimate details of their lives – things they might not even discuss with their closest friends or family – with virtual strangers. But when the conversation shifts to finances, women often clam up, keeping the specifics of their wages private. Even as discussions about equal pay become more common in society, many women still hesitate to talk to each other about their bottom lines. So, what happens when women talk openly and honestly about money? Click here to see a video.

Think about this:

Whether you are shifting gears in your car, storing away a billiard cue, braking safely on a bus, or tapping a beer keg, you owe thanks to African American inventor Richard Spikes. A holder of eight patents, Spikes is responsible for a number of diverse creations that have a major impact on our everyday lives.

If you have any questions or comments on NSCC's Equality & Equity Project, please contact us at




Sign up now for December Mobile Food Markets

Mobile MarketFree farmers market-style distribution of food, fresh fruits and vegetables. Open to the entire college community.  Due to the current COVID-19 health crisis, NSCC's mobile markets will look a little different this semester.  The mobile market will  be offered on both the Danvers & Lynn Campus and will only be open to NSCC students, faculty and staff.  Registration will be required for each monthly market.  It will be curbside pick up and you will receive a time to pick up in your confirmation email.  

Please click the date below to complete the registration form.

Danvers Fall 2021 Semester Dates               Danvers Spring 2022 Semester Dates

September 9, 2021**                                          February 10, 2022
October 14, 2021**                                              March 10, 2022
                                    November 18, 2021**                                          April 14, 2022
                                      December 9, 2021                                             May 12, 2022           

                                     Lynn Fall 2021 Semester Dates                     Lynn Spring 2022 Semester Dates

                                     November 5, 2021**                                             February 4, 2022
                                     December 3, 2021**                                         March 4, 2022
                                                                                                                     April 1, 2022
                                                                                                                     May 6, 2022

*Please note registration will be required for each monthly market.  Be sure to sign up for the ones you would like to attend.

**Market Sign Up closed.  Please reach out to Amanda Dooling at for assistance.

If you need food assistance please complete the Here to Help Application.









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