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Registration for Spring 2022 will open on November 6, 2021.

A COVID-19 VACCINATION WILL BE REQUIRED for students attending in-person classes for Spring 2022 and for anyone coming to campus for in-person services.

Students registering for on-campus courses for the Spring 2022 semester must show proof of vaccination before they will be able to register for in-person courses or come to our campuses for in-person services.

Students who are ready to comply with this mandate can submit proof they are fully vaccinated right now:  Submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination. This link will only work if you are currently signed into your NSCC Gmail account.

NSCC will continue to offer courses for the Spring 2022 semester in online and video-conference formats. Students can register for these courses without proof of their COVID-19 vaccination status. 

Here is a link to the Massachusetts Community Colleges COVID-19 Vaccination Policy:Policy




ray parker

Ray Parker Celebration of Life

Please join us for a Celebration of Life service in honor of Ray Parker on November 5th.  The service will take place on the Lynn East Patio at 3pm.  This will be an opportunity for the college community to share memories and stories of Ray.  If you are unable to attend, we will record the service to be shared with the college community.

Please share a memory of Ray that we may read at his Celebration of Life service.  If you’d like us to read your name as part of your memory, please include it here.  Depending on the number of submissions, we will do our best to include most but we may not have enough time to read them all. In that case, we will be sure to share your memory with his family.

If you would like to speak your memory at the service, please let us know.  For questions or if you prefer to email your memory instead of sharing it here, contact Donna Davis at  Thank you for sharing.


Tribute Video for Ray Parker

The Ray Parker Memorial Scholarship

Join the NSCC community in continuing the inspirational legacy of Ray Parker with a charitable gift to a NSCC scholarship award established in his memory.

Ray joined NSCC in 1994 as an Academic Counselor in the Student Support and Advising Center. His passion for academic learning and commitment to serving students allowed him to positively impact the lives of countless individuals. Ray took a special interest in working with students in the Health Science programs, initiating and serving as the Pre-Med Club Advisor. Ray also invested his time and resources in support of NSCC’s Veteran students. They held a special place in his heart, as he was himself a proud Veteran.

Ray extended this same time and attention to his colleagues and friends during his nearly three decades at NSCC. He will always be remembered to those who knew him as one of the most dedicated, hardworking and caring persons to everyone around him. Ray saw good in all people, and he strived to connect with them and encourage those around him to be the best they can be.

The Ray Parker Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a NSCC student who is pursuing a certificate or degree in a Health Science/Health Professions program with the intention of pursuing further medical studies.  Donate online today, or by check payable to North Shore Community College Foundation (note Ray Parker Memorial Scholarship in the check memo line), 1 Ferncroft Rd, PO Box 3340, Danvers, MA 01923. To learn more, contact Dan O’Neill at




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President's Cabinet Highlights, October 26, 2021

COVID Vax Mandate Implementation: Interim Vice President of Student Affairs Stephen Creamer updated the group on the system that has been developed to track student vaccinations once the mandate goes into effect in January of 2022. A Google form has been created that will allow students to log in and register their vaccination and upload a picture of their vax card. There will be a similar form available for faculty and staff to register. It was noted that once the processes go live, probably within the next two weeks, it will be important for folks to start registering as soon as possible and not wait until January. That will make the system flow as smoothly as possible. A panel will be formed to include SA and AA staff who will review any reasonable accommodations that are submitted by students. Exceptions are expected to be rare rather than the norm.  

Cabinet will hold a special meeting on November 1 to firm up plans for bringing more students, faculty and staff back to campus in the spring semester. President Heineman indicated that it is expected that more people will then be coming to work on campus regularly. He asked VPs to provide to him at the meeting next week staffing estimates that mirror this desire.  

Communicating the Death of an Employee: Prompted by the sudden passing of longtime NSCC staff member Ray Parker, discussion focused on creating a reliable process in notifying the college community when one of its own passes away. Chief Diversity & Equity Officer Nikki Pelonia shared a model that was used at his prior institution which Cabinet reviewed and will refine. Once finalized, this process will be used during these rare instances to ensure timely notification, with respect to the bereaved, which will include as many details for services and other relevant information as possible.  

Administrative Support to the Forum Steering Committee: Cabinet discussed a request to provide 5-10 hours a week of support to help plan for and document meetings. It was agreed that this is a reasonable request and a way to fulfill it will be found in cooperation with the Forum Steering Committee. 

Filling Retirement Positions: Replacing retiring personnel was raised. Cabinet concluded that these positions need to be considered holistically based on college needs, noting this may be more fleshed out during the strategic planning process. President Heineman noted that while the college currently has a lot of COVID-19 federal funding available, this money will not be around for long and based on current enrollment, caution must be exercised to not spend today what may not be sustainable in the near future.

Options for Employee Equitable Compensation for Services 'Above and Beyond' Duties and Responsibilities, e.g., Language Translation Services:  Nikki raised the possibility of compensating staff and students who provide translation services outside of their job or school responsibilities. There was discussion about translation services and potential ways of funding and equitable support, both short-term and long-term.

Race/Ethnicity Employee Affinity Group Meetings: Nikki announced that he will begin convening initial meetings to strengthen and begin codifying our institutional goal of racial equity and value in social justice. Multiple studies have found that affinity groups can help with institutional diversity, reduce turnover, and increase morale towards a healthy and thriving workplace culture. If able, managers are asked to allow and accommodate employees to attend these meetings during their work hours later this fall.



dei logo

  • Tuesday, November 2nd 2021 is Election Day in Massachusetts!
  • As NSCC recognizes voting as a means to social change, social responsibility, and justice, we encourage those eligible to vote. For information on this year's elections and ballots, visit:

  • Massachusetts elections, 2021 (

  • Vote 411, Massachusetts

  • S.I.S.T.E.R.S Affinity Group R.A.P session, Wednesday, November 3, 5p.m.  (flyer)

--Nikki Pelonia, Chief Diversity & Equity Officer



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Federal Work Study Positions Available

Federal Work Study positions are now available for Spring 2022. If you're interested in hiring a student(s) for your department, please complete the job submission form. Feel free to contact Katelyn Ma,, with any questions.






Trunk or Treat!

Some of the  Trunk or Treaters that stopped by the Lynn Campus last week for some Halloween goodies.


trick or treaters in costume



Pets in Costume

Why should kids have all the Halloween fun?!  Pets like to dress up too!


halloween costumed pets


dogs in halloween costumes

dogs in costumes






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Navigate Weekly Workshops

We are about halfway through the Fall semester! As Spring 2022 registration is slowly creeping up, we want to invite you all again for some workshops on Availability & Calendar Syncs, Appointment Campaigns, and Tips & Tricks of the Academic Planning tool! Additionally, the Navigate team has come up with an extremely fun initiative for our students that we are calling, “The 15-Days of Giveaways” event. This will run from mid-October through the first part of November. This event will encourage students to engage with the tool and give us some live data feedback through our Giveaways Survey. Students will have a chance to win amazing prizes from Amazon gift cards, to any (3)-credit course, all the way to a new free HD Lenovo Laptop!

As we continue through the semester and get ready for Spring, you may want to review your Navigate skills. You can do that through our Blackboard Navigate Training Course, or by visiting the Navigate team during any of these meeting days/times!

Wednesday, November 10

2:00PM - 2:45PM                   Notes & Appointment Summaries // Running Reports

3:00PM - 3:45PM                   Open Session Time 


Thank you for your interest in Navigate!

--John, Jake, and Scott




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Calling all creatives! 
We need you to get involved…in the Performing Arts at North Shore!

We are looking for actors, artists, sound editors, tech wizards, and more to join us this Fall Semester (2021) for ANIMAL TAILS: A Virtual Storytelling Project

Talented tricksters go toe to toe with terrible troublemakers in this series of tales featuring a menagerie of feathered, finned and four-legged beasties from around the world.   

Come join the team responsible for bringing these stories to life this fall!

No experience needed!  All interested students, faculty and staff are welcome to participate. 

AIR DATE:  December 2021, as part of NSCC’S Cultural Arts programming.

For more information about how you can become involved in this virtual performing arts event at NSCC contact Matthew Woods at







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Seeking 2022 Commencement Keynote Speaker Nominations

Do you know of someone who would be a great role model to our graduating students? Someone they could relate to, someone who will inspire them? The College is now seeking nominations for the 56th Commencement Keynote Speaker.  NSCC's 2022 Commencement Ceremony is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, May 26, 2022.
Please submit your nomination online here. Deadline to submit nominations is Friday November 5, 2021 at 4pm. Questions can be forwarded to







NSCC students, faculty, and staff must be
fully vaccinated by January 2022

All employees and any students studying or coming to campus must be fully vaccinated by January 2022 President William Heineman announced on September 20.

The decision was made unanimously by the Presidents of all the state’s 15 community colleges.

“During the last eighteen months, the Massachusetts Community Colleges have prioritized the health and safety of our communities while also recognizing that many of our students have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. While a significant number of students, faculty, and staff are already vaccinated or are in the process of becoming vaccinated, the fifteen colleges are seeking to increase the health and safety of the learning and working environment in light of the ongoing public health concerns and current guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),” it was noted in a joint statement.

Students who seek to register for courses that do not include any in-person component, and who do not plan to come on campus for any reason for the Spring 2022 semester, will not be required to provide documentation of vaccination.

The announcement comes amid a rise in the number of new cases of COVID-19 across the Commonwealth, the increased access and availability of vaccines, the Food & Drug Administration’s full and pending approval of available vaccines, and CDC guidance that the COVID-19 vaccine has been proven to be extremely safe and highly effective at preventing infection, severe disease, hospitalization, and death, the requirement is aimed at ensuring the safest learning and working environment possible for the more than 135,000 students served by the community colleges each year.

“The Massachusetts Community Colleges are committed to ensuring vaccination status is not a barrier to students and will continue offering a range of virtual learning opportunities and services,” Heineman said.



needle and vial of covid 19 vaccine

       Danvers Campus now a Vax site

NSCC's  Danvers Campus is now a COVID-19 Booster vaccination site, offering free Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson booster shots as well as primary doses. Appointments will be available through the state's vaxfinder site although walk-ins will also be accepted.





20 minute clock

20 Minute Online Professional Development

The Monday Morning Mentor series will be available over the fall semester to bring you professional development in twenty-minute snippets.

For the week of November 1 - How Can I Develop Opportunity-Minded Learners?

Directions for Accessing the Link to the Presentation and Supplemental Materials

Select the URL link below to access the presentation and to print the supplemental materials. (You may also copy and paste the URL into your browser’s address bar.) Supplemental materials are available to view and print now.  

New presentations go live at 10:00am each Monday morning and are only accessible through Sunday.

The series is being brought to you by the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Innovation – we would appreciate your input!

--Andrea Milligan,










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Welcome to the
Equality & Equity Project

 As part of our commitment to Anti-Racism, Diversity & Inclusion, the Equality & Equity Project will provide historical and present-day information about the contributions, challenges, culture, and daily lives of the many vital groups that make up our NSCC community, and the larger world.

We invite you to visit often, reflect on what you see and read, discuss it with others and, hopefully, expand your knowledge base, appreciation, and understanding of groups beyond your own.


November Deep Dive
Racelighting refers to the process whereby People of Color question their own thoughts and actions due to systematically delivered racialized messages that make them second guess their own lived experiences with racism. When experiencing racelighting, People of Color often feel invalidated and become overwhelmed by feelings of inferiority and self-doubt. Here are some examples:

  • A Black staff member who has been passed over for a promotion may start to believe it was because they are not “professional” enough.  

  • A Latinx administrator who receives unnecessarily harsh feedback and destructive criticism of their work from colleagues may begin to question their own intelligence and capabilities.

  • A Native American professor whose scholarship is viewed as lacking rigor because it focuses on racial equity and social justice may question if they belong in the academy.


Think About This:

ASIAN PERSONS George Helm Jr. dedicated his short life to preserving the native culture of Hawaii. Helm was born on the Molokai island of Hawaii, became a renowned philosopher, and is seen as a pioneer of Hawaiian sovereignty movement, aiming to bring independence back to the islands. In 1975, Helm became involved in the efforts to protect the island of Kaho’olawe from being used as bomb target practice by the U.S. Navy. The next year, he and eight others occupied the island in efforts to protect it.


If you have any questions or comments on NSCC's Equality & Equity Project, please contact us at






Please share!


Worthy Causes

pet donation drive flyer

Do you love cats and dogs as much as we do!? If so, please consider donating to TRIO's 1st Annual Animal Shelter Drive in honor of Diane Dickerson, retired Director of TRIO. Please drop off your donations at one of the TRIO offices in Danvers (DB 104) or Lynn (LW 165). Deadline to donate is 11/23. Questions? Please email


The North Shore Community College Veterans Club and Office of Student Engagement Present:

Grab Your Go Bag With

team rubicon logo

Formed in the wake of the January 2010 Haiti earthquake, Team Rubicon is a disaster response non-profit.  Our mission is to engage Veterans, First Responders, and Kick-Ass Civilians with a sense of purpose, community and identity through service while assisting victims of disasters on their worst day.  Learn more about Team Rubicon at a fun-filled information session including opportunities to serve without traveling to disaster areas.



Mobile Food Markets are coming back to the Lynn Campus!

Mobile MarketFree farmers market-style distribution of food, fresh fruits and vegetables. Open to the entire college community.  Due to the current COVID-19 health crisis, NSCC's mobile markets will look a little different this semester.  The mobile market will  be offered on both the Danvers & Lynn Campus and will only be open to NSCC students, faculty and staff.  Registration will be required for each monthly market.  It will be curbside pick up and you will receive a time to pick up in your confirmation email.  

Please click the date below to complete the registration form.

Danvers Fall 2021 Semester Dates               Danvers Spring 2022 Semester Dates

September 9, 2021**                                          February 10, 2022
October 14, 2021**                                              March 10, 2022
                                    November 18, 2021                                            April 14, 2022
                                      December 9, 2021                                             May 12, 2022           

                                     Lynn Fall 2021 Semester Dates                     Lynn Spring 2022 Semester Dates

                                     November 5, 2021                                              February 4, 2022
                                     December 3, 2021                                              March 4, 2022
                                                                                                                     April 1, 2022
                                                                                                                     May 6, 2022

*Please note registration will be required for each monthly market.  Be sure to sign up for the ones you would like to attend.

**Market Sign Up closed.  Please reach out to Amanda Dooling at for assistance.

If you need food assistance please complete the Here to Help Application.













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