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admissions staff at block party

Admissions staff at the Block Party, l-r, Gissel Lopez, Joyce Muse, Jilliana Rodriguez, Brian Falter, Kim Odusami

NSCC Block Parties are a Huge Success!

We had two nearly perfect days for our Summer 2021 Block Parties on the Lynn Campus! Hundreds of  people dropped by on July 31 and August 21 to enjoy music, games, and free food. Vaccines, courtesy of Lynn Community Health, were also available and dozens took advantage of the opportunity to get a free vaccination. Many thanks to all our community partners that participated and to NSCC staff who made it all happen.

Photos of the event may be found on Facebook and Flickr



ice cream sundaes

Ice Cream Social/Meet and Greet

Join us for an Ice Cream Social, courtesy of Cherry Farm Creamery, and meet our new president, Dr. William Heineman, this Wednesday, August 25, 2-3pm on the Danvers Campus, in the plaza in front of the Berry building. 

Enjoy a frosty treat (the forecast is calling for a hot and humid day!) while welcoming President Heineman and catching up with friends and colleagues you may not have seen in person for quite some time.

Hope to see you there!






Kudos Korner

 anne sears, yusef hayes, dermot smyth

L-r, Anne Sears, yusef Hayes, Dermot Smyth

Congratulations to NSCC faculty members Professor Anne Sears, Professor yusef Hayes, and Assistant Professor Dermot Smyth on recently presenting at Harvard's annual educator's workshop on mis/disinformation.

Not only did they offer their expertise on media literacy, but they also put in an enormous amount of time collating resources and developing OER lesson plans for participants from around the world. Their efforts are invaluable to educators trying to keep their heads above water when teaching about the toxic media environment and  their presentation received rave reviews.

“During the team's debrief of the presentation, my Harvard colleagues expressed that they are impressed with North Shore and the "deep bench" of expertise we bring to these workshops in terms of both presenters and participants,” said NSCC Professor Kara Kaufman, who serves as a co-organizer/facilitator of the workshops. “NSCC, and the Liberal Studies Division in particular, is gaining quite a favorable reputation within Harvard's halls. We truly are excellent at what we do.”

“We have always known that our faculty are second to none,” declared Andrea DeFusco-Sullivan, Interim VP of Academic Affairs. “They carried the standard for OER and equity for years before either entered the popular consciousness. Because of their individual and collective work in connecting our institutions, we learn from each other and grow. The fact that their efforts are not only timely, relevant, but also student-centric just highlights their excellence all the more.”

More information on the presentation:

Mis/Disinformation speaker and panel guide

Mis/Disinformation workshop overview

Mis/Disinformation workshop flyer


The Forum on Tolerance Wants Your Help!

The Forum on Tolerance wants your help with organizing a virtual Fall Forum celebrating Asian-American identities and stories (currently untitled and preliminarily scheduled during the third week of October). Specific sub-topics include the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Asian- American Communities and the Internment of Japanese citizens by the U.S. government, but we are also open to other topics and suggestions.  If you have suggestions for speakers, topics, or would like to share your own story, please contact Laurie Carlson at Thanks in advance!

Here are the links to the recordings of the Spring Forum on Tolerance:

Black Lives Matter: The U.S. Journey Towards Justice and Healing PART 2: April 12-16th

Dr. Chenzira Davis-Kahina – AfRaKan Healing TEA:Tolerance, Equity and Advocacy for Social Justice during UN-IDPAD

Dr. Tiffany Magnolia - Intercultural Communication Training

Message 'from' the Grassroots: Discussion with local organizers, scholars, and activists with Professor yusef hayes, Diverse People United, & Solidarity North Shore

Keynote with Sean Ellis

Reforming a Broken Justice System with D.A. Rachael Rollins and Rev. Andre Bennett

Listening and Acting on the Voices of our Students of Color






nscc in the news graphic


WGBH: More than half of Public Colleges in MA used COVID relief funds to cover unpaid student bills

Salem News:  Colleges ponder vaccine policies

Lynn Community Television:  History of Success| President Bill Heineman

Salem News: NSCC $14M project to provide much-needed makeover




outlines of people at a board table

President's Cabinet Highlights, August 17, 2021

Fall Re-Entry – Plans were discussed and amended as needed:

  • For contract tracing purposes, scanners will be available at major student-facing offices so that students can scan their college IDs if accessing in-person services. Faculty and staff will not be required to scan in.
  • The need for appropriate signage was noted and marketing will produce.
  • Offering an incentive to get people vaccinated was discussed, but not approved at this time.
  • The state Department of Public Health may be sending vaccine vans to community colleges after classes begin.
  • It was again confirmed that masks will need to be worn when inside on campus by all, with the exception of someone being alone in a private office. Communicating more about this was discussed and action steps outlined. It was noted that digital signage needs to be turned on again to help relay the message.

FY22 Tactical Plan: Laurie LaChapelle will draft the final report for FY 21 and begin a new draft for FY22 for Cabinet to review and build upon.

College Conversations: President Heineman noted that he is eager to find opportunities for the college community to discuss the impending hiring of a chief academic officer and to weigh the options of keeping the former model or considering a Provost model. He wants this to happen once faculty are back in the fall. It was noted that if a search consultant is hired, such as RH Perry, they will be able to help facilitate group discussions.

MassHIRE Student Career Center: A request from MassHIRE for space to provide this service was debated. It was agreed that a space across from the existing MassHIRE office on the Lynn campus would be considered as a temporary lend if it would not conflict with existing college plans. More investigation is needed.

Holiday Time: Hours of operation for fall holidays and the break between Christmas and New Year's Day were reviewed, with final decisions to follow.

Service-Learning Fellow: It was announced that the college has a new Service-Learning fellow from Merrimack College – Bruno Barbuto – who will be working 25 hours per week. 


vaccine promo in Spanish
Multiple ways to say Get Vaccinated!

NSCC encourages you to 𝗚𝗘𝗧 𝗩𝗔𝗖𝗖𝗜𝗡𝗔𝗧𝗘𝗗! Protect yourself, your family & community. Check out the Get Vaccinated page to hear from NSCC’s vaccine ambassadors urging folks to get vaccinated in seven different languages. #VaccinesSaveLives #CancelCovid



navigate logo
Navigate Weekly Workshops

The Summer has proven a busy time for a lot of you! We have been watching those scores rise and those discussion posts getting juicy! The team went live with 5 different modules open, starting with FERPA, going through Orientation of Navigate, Academic Planning, Notes & Appointment Summaries, and ending with the Student Experience of Navigate. As of late, we have just released a new optional module that talks about student Appointments and Appointment Campaigns. Take a jab at some of the modules and join us for our weekly workshop to discuss any questions or feedback that you may have!

As we enter the start of the Fall term, you may also want to refresh or brush up on your Navigate skills. The Navigate team is here to go over any material you want to discuss!

Note: The EAB Coffee Drop in Q&A is taking a break for the summer. Please use that time to sleep in, walk your dog, or smell the roses!


Wednesday, August 25

2:00PM - 2:45PM                   Navigate Course in Blackboard: Module 5: Appointments & Campaigns

3:00PM - 3:45PM                   Open Session Time 


Wednesday, September 1

2:00PM - 2:45PM                   Advanced Search: Content, Functions, Tips & Tricks // Analytics & Reporting

3:00PM - 3:45PM                   Open Session Time 


Thank you for your interest in Navigate!

--John, Jake, and Scott




alexandra rodriguez

Who's That Lady?

“Hey! That’s me!” laughs Alexandra Rodriguez ‘20. She was in Boston recently when she came across a bus with a very familiar face in the ad. Alex is a Legal Administrative Assistant grad and many of you will also remember her as a member of our TRIO staff.






equality gif

Welcome to the
Equality & Equity Project

 As part of our commitment to Anti-Racism, Diversity & Inclusion, the Equality & Equity Project will provide historical and present-day information about the contributions, challenges, culture, and daily lives of the many vital groups that make up our NSCC community, and the larger world.

We invite you to visit often, reflect on what you see and read, discuss it with others and, hopefully, expand your knowledge base, appreciation, and understanding of groups beyond your own. 

August Deep Dive

Olympians this year made headlines not for their incredible athletic feats or victories but for the obstacles standing in their way.  Athletes everywhere are calling out the sporting body for a history of banning Black women.  Read more about it here.                              

Think about this:

Be an ally. Speak up in your own social circles. You may have access to social circles that others do not. Perhaps you have heard racist sexist, homophobic or derogatory language used by family members or friends? Take some time at your next family reunion to challenge peoples’ beliefs, and speak up for those who are not there.           

If you have any questions or comments on NSCC's Equality & Equity Project, please contact us at





Please share with your students.


tutoring center certification flyer


NSCC's Tutoring Center has earned CRLA Level 2 Certification!

We are #NSCCProud to announce that our Tutoring Center has earned stage 2 International Tutor Training Program Certification! We can certify our peer tutors who complete our training requirements, and this is an achievement that looks great on a resume and is recognized internationally.  If you have students interested in becoming a Peer Tutor, have them apply today to join our team!


IET fall 2021 flyer


For more information, go to or contact Stacy Randell-Shaheen at or at 978-236-1227



upward bound flyer

Seeking 9th-11th grade students who want to go to college!

NSCC’s Upward Bound program is a FREE after-school college prep program for Lynn public high school students, held at NSCC’s Lynn Campus.

Our program offers after-school tutoring, cultural activities, summer college experience, snacks and meals, scholarships/FAFSA, field trips, college counseling, computer access and so much more – all FREE!

We are now accepting applications from Lynn public high school students in grades 9 through 11. Scan the QR code in the flyer for the application or go to

Find out more about Upward Bound by going to or calling 781-477-2161 or email




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