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Announcing Academic Affairs Office Moves and Staffing Changes

I am pleased to announce the Academic Affairs Office will be moving to the 3rd Floor South in Lynn by mid-August. This move will give Academic Affairs the centralized space and presence needed on the Lynn Campus.  With this move, the new Dean of CTE and Business once hired will move their primary location to Lynn, where the majority of their programs are located. In addition, assistant deans Chris Bednar, Ron Smith, and Walter Stone will be co-located in the new suite to improve opportunities to collaborate and learn from one another.  The Center for Teaching Learning and Innovation will continue to have a strong presence on the 3rd Floor South. Lorena Martinez – Diaz and Michelle Mabee will still have an office close by in LS313 with close proximity to the CTLI professional development classroom.  Dr. Michael Badolato will be moving into DB 320 in the Danvers Academic Affairs Office. Andrea Milligan will be moving into DB391 and Jen Baker will move into DB 387.  Andrea Milligan and Jen Baker will also have some available swing space in the LS 318 area for when they are on the Lynn Campus.

In addition, the current Academic Affairs space in LE315 will become new dedicated Strategic Partnerships space. In this newly designed space one will find the offices for Jill Thornton, Susan Curry, Eileen Mieses, Nadira McDonald, and Shakira Moreta allowing for Early College and Gateway to College to be co-located.  Lorin Buska will also be moving to larger office space in LE329 as we look to expand our internship and cooperative education program. Lori Weir, Director of EOC/Talent Search/Upward Bound and her team will remain in their first-floor offices.

This change along with the loss of a part-time administrative assistant, who is not planned to be replaced, has created a need for a few additional staffing shifts among the Academic Affairs administrative assistants for coverage, leveraging staffs' strengths and better alignment of personnel to home campuses.  The moves are as follows and went into effect on July 15, 2019:

  • Karynn Mason will become the new administrative assistant to Dean Andrea DeFusco Sullivan and the Liberal Arts Division.  She will be located in the DB 314- Academic Affairs Suite in Danvers.
  • Kristen Kaeding will become the new administrative assistant to Dean Lori Vinci and support the Health Professions Division and will be located in – DH 318 in Danvers.
  • Cheryl Gebhardt will become the new administrative assistant to the new dean of CTE and Business and the CTE and Business Division and will be located in the new space in LS319.
  • Georgia Panagopoulos will become the new administrative assistant to Assistant Dean Chris Bednar providing support to FFL, ESL, IDS and Human Services and Emergency Response Pathways as well as to the Academic Affairs Office. She too will be located in the new space in LS 319.
  • Carmen Ciprian will become the new administrative assistant to Dean Jill Thornton and the Strategic Partnership Division and be located in their new space in LE 315.
  • Susan Downey recently joined the Admissions staff as a clerk in June.  Thank you Susan for all of your years of service to the CTLI department! We all wish you the best as you start your new role as well!

Please join me in thanking Karynn, Kristen, Cheryl, Georgia, Carmen and Susan for their years of impeccable service to each of your departments and wish them all well in their new roles!

-Karen Hynick, VP of Academic Affairs




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Gary Williams is retiring!

Please join Student Support and Advising in wishing Gary Williams all the best in his upcoming retirement!

Date:  Thursday, July 25, 2019

Time:  1-4 p.m.

Place:  Danvers Campus, Student Support Office, DH160




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ADA Construction Updates


Danvers Campus -  Site work to replace the crosswalk between Lot 2 and the Berry Building is scheduled to begin July 17. During construction the campus road between the Berry Drop Off and Lot 3 will be closed. Traffic will be detoured using the rear service road. Lot 2 will also be closed.  Cones and controls will be in place as well as Campus Police will be present for directions. Work is scheduled for 3 weeks.  Please review the attached diagram.


Lynn Campus - Site work to replace sidewalks began during the week of July 8. During construction the main entrance from Washington Street will be closed and the entrance at the far end of the parking lot will be open. Cones and controls will be in place as well as Campus Police will be present for directions. Work is scheduled for 3 weeks.  Please review the attached diagram.




Temporary Help Wanted


The NSCC Lynn and Danvers bookstores are each looking for 20 TEMPORARY student associates to work in August through all of September. If you know any students that are interested, please share the application link with them. 


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Help Welcome Back our Students!

We need your help Welcoming our Students!! Every semester the Office of Student Engagement partners with staff and faculty across both campuses to help welcome new students as they begin their first day of classes. We help students find classrooms, answer general questions, and provide them with information pertaining to resources and programming happening on campus. We are asking for only 45 minutes of your time on the campus that is most convenient for you! 
Thank you in advance for helping to build a stronger, more welcoming NSCC Community!
--Jacob Rockwell, Office of Student Engagement,



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FREE Fun Fridays!

The Highland Street Foundation is sponsoring Free Fun Fridays which offer visitors no-cost admission to many of the most treasured cultural venues in Massachusetts. This program was created to increase access and enrichment opportunities for children and families throughout Massachusetts during the summer months. Every Friday, from the end of June through the end of August, multiple sites are open for free.

Check out the dozens of venues




















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