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Please join us in congratulating this year's retirees!


michael photo
Michael Badolato came to NSCC in 2012, having previously worked at Middlesex Community College since 2001.  He started as the Dean of Academic Technology.  Over time he took on additional roles as Dean of Academic and Faculty Support related to the broader picture of academic support, including CTLI, Library, and Tutoring.  His leadership and collaborative nature were vital to the redesign of our academic program review process in 2016 and deepening our collective focus on the assessment of student learning. Michael’s influence can be found in the Lynn expansion and with the online catalog. This past year, he played a pivotal role as the College's Accreditation Liaison Officer and one writer for our NECHE self-study, resulting in a successful ten-year reaccreditation for the institution.  Michael is retiring in September and as he begins the next chapter, we wish him a wonderful retirement and more quality time with Lori and family.


 photo of kim bushey

Kim Bushey has been the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator for NSCC’s Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) Program for ten years, responsible for securing a sufficient number of sites and preceptors as well as managing the student learning experiences of up to 80 student placements in a given semester. During this time, occupational therapy practice and education has faced various challenges impacting the field learning experiences of students, including but not limited to the most recent COVID-19 situation. Kim has persevered to meet these significant challenges with a forward thinking strategy and creative solution-based approach that steadfastly maintained the integrity of field learning experiences based on ACOTE accreditation standards as well as student performance expectations necessary for entry-level competency.

Under Kim’s leadership, innovative community-based field learning experiences under faculty supervision have been developed and implemented, fulfilling the OTA Program’s need for Level 1 Fieldwork as well as meeting various community needs. In addition, Kim was a member of a research team consisting of AFWCs from the OT Programs at Salem State University and Tufts University along with NSCC’s OTA Department Chair investigating the effectiveness of a collaborative OT/OTA intraprofessional Level II Fieldwork experience. This IRB-approved pilot study was successfully completed and provided data to promote collaborative intraprofessional fieldwork models in occupational therapy education. Kim’s leadership in fieldwork education was also demonstrated in her engagement within the New England Occupational Therapy Education Council, a consortium of Occupational Therapy Educational Programs dedicated to supporting the academic and clinical aspects of Occupational Therapy Education. The faculty, fieldwork supervisors, students and alumni of NSCC’s OTA Program thank Kim for her steadfast commitment to fieldwork education and wish her the very best in retirement.


photo of t. callahan


Patricia (Trish) Callahan began her career at NSCC as an Accounting Temp and retired as the Comptroller of NSCC in October 2019. During her time at NSCC, she was a steady and proficient finance professional, skilled in State and College Finance systems, and responsible for completing the College’s annual financial statements and other audits. She was a member of the MHEC (Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium) Board for many years and held in high regard by system finance and procurement colleagues.  She was a very hardworking, dedicated employee of the College, always willing to assist others at every opportunity. Trish was passionate about the mission of the College and proud of her accomplishments at NSCC.  She and husband John are generous donors to our students through the NSCC Foundation.  She loved to travel and her staff enjoyed stories of many great trips. We wish Trish a happy retirement to spend time with her much loved family and granddaughters!



photo of g. craig
George Craig began working at NSCC during the February Blizzard of 1978, however he didn’t physically report to work until the end of March due to the Governor’s shut down orders at the time. George began working as a Junior Clerk Typist in the College’s Business office. Throughout his tenure, George worked in the Bookstore before transitioning to a Storekeeper in Auxiliary Services. He worked his way through the Storekeeper Series until being promoted to Reproduction Services Supervisor, which is the position he held until his retirement in August 2019.  He was a very experienced worker for the Department and was loyal to the College. We wish him well on his future endeavors. 




photo of pat gentile
Dr. Patricia A. Gentile will retire on July 6 after seven years as the fourth President of North Shore Community College. During her administration, the college has been recognized for its excellent leadership among public community colleges in the nation having been recognized in 2016 by Washington Monthly Magazine as 23rd in the nation serving adult learners and then rising in 2019 to 13th in the nation and tops in the Commonwealth. Under Dr. Gentile’s leadership, student outcomes have risen significantly, through strengthening academics, access, achievement and affordability. She: enhanced major community partnerships; expanded Early College programming cutting time and cost for lower income, first generation students to a college credential through her brainchild, CommUniverCity; brought the MASSHire One Stop Career Center on the Lynn campus serving more than a thousand people annually with nearly 25% of that service to NSCC students; forged an expanded partnership agreement with SSU and forged a Year Up partnership on the Lynn campus. As a result of her extraordinary work, NSCC is now seen as an essential community asset on the North Shore with strong, positive relationships with our federal, state and local elected and appointed officials, the area’s K-12 school districts and public and private colleges in the area.  Most importantly, NSCC is viewed as a strong, excellent and responsive college to the public it serves on the North Shore.  We thank Dr. Gentile for her professionalism, integrity, and sense of humor.  She has left us well positioned to develop a new strategic vision under the next president and continue into the future as a strong educational force in the Commonwealth.




 image of a. haviland
Ann Haviland came to NSCC in March 2004. For over 12 years, she worked in the college bookstore, first as a bookkeeper working with students and agencies concerning financial aid, then as an accountant with a range of responsibilities including reconciliations, book rentals, buybacks, accounts receivables and payables.  Three years ago, she transitioned to the grants accountant position in Fiscal Affairs managing the finances for all of our post-grant awards.   While she has had many memorable experiences and met many wonderful people at NSCC, she looks forward to a retirement of travel and enjoying other interests. We are so thankful for her years of dedicated service and wish her a very happy, healthy retirement!




     b. lucas photo
Bernadette Lucas started her career with us at Essex Aggie in 1991 and joined the college in 1999.  She has been the program coordinator for the Dietary Technician and Nutritional Science program at the college since it’s inception at the college.  Her leadership in the program has led to it’s national accreditation with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  She was also an active participant in Interdisciplinary Studies and was a chair of this department for many years. She also accompanied Amesbury for Africa to Kenya three times, and did a USAID study that she presented nationally and internationally.  She led the major articulation for the Dietary Tech and Nutrition Science department with Simmons College.  Countless students have benefitted from her exceptional content knowledge and engaging style of teaching through the years.  As Bernadette begins the next chapter, we wish her a wonderful retirement and more quality time with her beloved husband and family.




 photo of m. malone
Mary Malone is a 1974 NSCC Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) Program alumnus who has made valuable contributions to the occupational therapy profession as an occupational therapy practitioner and educator. Since graduating as an OTA in 1974, Mary worked in various health care environments and, after earning her bachelor's degree in health care administration followed by a master’s degree in occupational therapy, came back to NSCC as a full-time faculty member in 1995. Mary’s genuine respect for the role of occupational therapy assistants within the profession as well as her steadfast commitment to supporting OTA students in their efforts to be successful have fueled her passion for teaching within NSCC’s OTA Program. Her teaching practices are creative and collaborative in their design, and although Mary is a strong believer in a “high touch” pedagogical approach for our community college students, she has embraced technology as an effective tool in the teaching-learning process. She has initiated several technological advancements within the OTA curriculum including the most recent virtual simulation conducted in Blackboard Collaborate as a telehealth service delivery session performed by OTA students.


Along with these noted attributes, students appreciate Mary’s humility and humor, both of which she shares within the classroom as well as within advising sessions. Her longstanding tenure as faculty advisor to the Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) Club attests to Mary’s student-centered focus beyond the classroom and her strong belief in the value of student engagement to promote both success and satisfaction in one’s life. Mary herself has consistently engaged within the NSCC community serving on various governance committees, ad-hoc committees and special task groups as well as in MCCC Chapter positions. In addition, Mary has served in various leadership positions within the Massachusetts Association for Occupational Therapy and the American Occupational Therapy Association, all of which have facilitated success and gratification in her occupational therapy career. OTA faculty, students and alumni thank Mary for her valuable contributions and wish her the very best in retirement.




b. mariere photo 
Betsy Mariere joined NSCC in August of 2008 as the Coordinator of Advising after having worked many years at Bunker Hill Community College.  Betsy was chosen to attend the Community College Leadership Academy which led to the development of a college-wide survey of advising.  Over the course of her time at NSCC she has been part of the NSCC Leadership Program, NCBI and was a leader in bringing the MCCADA (Massachusetts Community College Advising Association) conference to NSCC.  In retirement Betsy will continue to practice kindness as a volunteer driver for cancer patients.  In addition, she plans to continue honing her event planning skills, becoming a Justice of the Peace, attending musical theater, swimming, traveling with her family and continuing her quest to be the best Scrabble player New England has ever seen.




 b. murphy photo
Robert (Bob) Murphy began his long career at NSCC in the Information Systems department as a member of the IT systems support team in July of 1999 and retired in September of 2019.  During his many years of service he provided tremendous and skilled technical support to the College faculty, staff, and students, primarily at the Danvers campus.  He always approached customer service and his work with a cheerful disposition, regardless of the problem or situation.  Bob was a hard-working, dedicated employee who also had a big heart.  He understood the needs of NSCC students, since he was an alumnus of the College himself, and was passionate about helping them succeed – making friends with many students along the way.  Bob and his wife Mary have been, and continue to be, generous donors to the NSCC Foundation through a scholarship set up in Mary’s father’s name, as well as a new scholarship that they started aimed at aiding our Adult Learning Center students.  Bob was also an active member of the NSCC Alumni Association for many years.  His colleagues in IT miss his humor and willingness to pitch in on any problem or project.  We wish Bob a wonderful retirement and know he is enjoying time with his family, friends and many hobbies – particularly photography.    


 m. potoczak photo


Marion (Mel) Potoczak came to North Shore Community College in January of 1996.  She started as an Office Manager in the Center for Alternative Studies and Educational Testing. She began working for Enrollment Services in 2006 and became the Registrar in 2013.  She was the recipient of the Student and Enrollment Services Award in 2008.  She retired in December of 2019 and the college wishes her well. 




image of pam quinlan



Pam Quinlan started her career  at Essex Agricultural and Technical Institute  in February of 1991 as a Pediatric Nursing  instructor and worked in this role until 1996. She left this position and then returned in 1999 when Essex Aggie and NSCC were merging.  She worked as a full-time faculty member and achieved the rank of Professor. She continued teaching  multiple courses and nursing laboratory, clinicals and simulation.  In the Fall of 2017 she assumed the role of Department Chair for the Practical Nursing Program, becoming Department  Chair in Fall 2017. 

Pam feels her most important  accomplishment is the integration of simulation in a planned and purposeful way into the Practical Nursing Program . She made it a goal to develop expertise in simulation and attended numerous simulation conferences and received a Certificate in Simulation Education from St. Anselm's College. When the Practical Nursing Program lost clinical sites for pediatrics and maternity Pam assumed the role of simulation faculty coordinator for the  Program. She is very proud of the simulations she developed for  student learning including  fundamentals, pediatric and mental health nursing.  Most recently she developed the capstone simulation project for the Practical Nursing students with the focus on end of life care. A critical component of the practice role for the Licensed Practical Nurse.

As a new Department Chairperson Pam led the Faculty in the reaccreditation process through the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing and the program received a full 8 years of reaccreditation under her leadership.   One last bragging point is the high achievement on the National Licensure exam for Practical Nurses.  The most recent pass rate was 96%. 



c. random photo 


Charlene Random came to North Shore Community College in April of 1994 when she started as a Professional Staff Member in the Financial Aid Department.  Charlene has managed the $9 million Federal Pell Grant program as well as the disbursement of all of the financial aid funds. Charlene was an integral part of the operation of Student Financial Services.  Her attention to detail, understanding of regulations and commitment to students will be sorely missed.  We hope she enjoys her retirement with her grandchildren.



richardson, j photo 



Joe Richardson started his career in 1994 as a full-time custodian and retired in July 2019. He transitioned over to trades and became the Painter 1 and really was the inhouse mechanic. As he grew with the job he moved up to the Painter 2. Joe's true passion is being outdoors hiking and enjoying nature. Joe, the place isn't the same without you! 




rodweller m photo


Marty Rodweller joined NSCC in January of 1994 as an Educational Planning Specialist in Financial Aid/Student Support.  Five years later she moved to working in Student Support full time.  Over the course of her time at NSCC,  she has held the positions of Academic Counselor and Senior Academic Counselor. In 2010 Marty was the recipient of the NISOD Award.  Marty’s plans for retirement include sitting in the sun on Good Harbor Beach, rowing with the Gloucester Gig Rowers and traveling the world.


 j. schena photo
Judith Schena came to North Shore Community College in March of 1987 as a technical services librarian. During her tenure, she provided much of the “back of house” processing that makes a library go: receiving and cataloging library materials and working with the specialized bibliographic data that is used by all of us at North Shore every time we search the library’s catalog for information. In recent years, Judy could be regularly seen at the access services desk, directly assisting students, faculty and staff with their use of the library. Judy’s time at North Shore coincided with major changes in the library world, as the first integrated library systems had come online not long before Judy’s arrival. She took part in the implementation of four major library system migrations at NSCC, the last taking place just before her retirement when the library joined the HELM network. Judy retired in October and we wish her all the best in her retirement.  


 d. stefano photo


Donna Stefano came to North Shore Community College in 1991 and was an alumnus from the class of 1988.  She started her career as the TRIO Math Lab Coordinator. During her 29 years at the college, she has served in many different roles including having been an adjunct math instructor for 10 years, working in staff assistant roles in Information Services and ultimately concluding her illustrious career as the Curriculum and Database Analyst for Academic Affairs. Donna has been a chief architect behind the scenes in Banner for the implementation of new and redesigned curriculum and the implementation of the guided pathways model.  She played a pivotal role in the launch of our online catalog in 2017 and maintains the database for this information. Her strong technology background also led to the development of most of the Cognos reports the Academic Affairs Office uses today to track our enrollment. As Donna begins her next chapter, we wish her a wonderful retirement and more quality time with Art and her family.




 j. thornton photo
Jill Thornton came to North Shore Community College in 1996.  She started as a part-time instructional specialist in the Center for Alternative Studies.  Over the last 24 years, Jill has taken on numerous new roles and responsibilities at the college including having been promoted to the Director of the Center for Alternative Studies, serving in that role for a decade. She went on to be promoted again to several assistant dean roles and ultimately culminating her stellar career as the Dean of Strategic Partnerships.  Based on her unique journey at NSCC, Jill has left her influence on several key areas across the college including, but not limited to, Center for Alternative Studies, Early College and Dual Enrollment, Gateway to College, CommUniverCity, TRIO programs including Talent Search, Upward Bound, and Educational Opportunity Center and our new partnership with Year Up.  Jill’s reflective and collaborative nature coupled with her strong facilitation skills led the foundation of many key partnerships with area school districts, community-based partners and laid the foundation for college’s roots in recognizing credit for prior learning.  As Jill starts her next chapter, we wish her a wonderful retirement and more quality time with her Julia and her family.



n. tufo photo 
Nancy Tufo started her career at NSCC in January of 1979 as the Tutor Coordinator for TRiO’s Motivation to Education. In 1980 Nancy taught math full time and supervised the Math tutoring program for TRiO.  Eventually she moved over to Student Support as a full-time Academic Counselor in 1995.  Nancy spent 8 years overseeing the Bridges to the Stars (STEM) program and could always be found with her Bridges students in and out of her office.  Nancy brought her background in math and technology to advising and was a longtime, and much needed, Banner expert for the department.  Although Nancy is retiring, you may still be able to find her on campus at NSCC teaching math or advising.




g. williams photo 
Gary Williams joined NSCC as an Academic Counselor in August of 2001 and retired in August 2019. Having previously worked with the department of employment, Gary is very passionate about helping students translate their academic degrees into careers.  For those who have had the pleasure to know Gary, they know he’s a renaissance man.  Having been involved in fashion and music throughout his life, he will find no shortage of ways to spend his retirement in addition to travelling the world and spending time with his grandchildren.




Our newest Professor Emerita!

janis soferr photo

Congratulations to Professor Janis Soferr, who retired in 2019, on joining the ranks of NSCC's Professors Emeriti!


2020 Employee Appreciation Video featuring NSCC faculty and staff

2020 Faces of NSCC video highlights students, staff, faculty, and events at the College. Thank you, Diversity Leadership Council!




NSCC's Fall 2020 course schedule will be unavailable for a short time.

The safety and security of the NSCC community is our top priority.  The College is adjusting the fall schedule to accommodate a significant shift to virtual instruction; expanding online, hybrid and videoconference instruction. Limited face-to-face courses will be offered in the fall for prioritized content in health professions, veterinary technology, culinary arts, biotechnology and some lab based courses utilizing social distancing and personal protective equipment. In order to make these adjustments the fall schedule will be offline for approximately 2 weeks. Once changes are made, we will market the new offerings in order to  recruit and build enrollment for the fall!




d. smith giving tuesday graphic


Congratulations to the Development department on an outstanding #GivingTuesday!  The end result is 46 donors and $5,460, which will be matched by 8 Foundation Directors giving $5,050.  In all, the campaign raised $10,470 for the NSCC Covid-19 Relief Fund, and 100% of those funds will be used for student needs!  Many thanks to all in the NSCC community who contributed and kudos to Nicole Marcotte and Jean Martinho, assisted by Mariflor Uva, with special thanks to Ejyo Katagiri in Marketing.



PACE Update

Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate in the PACE Survey.  The results haven’t been finalized, but the National Initiative for Leadership & Institutional Effectiveness, which conducted the survey, notified me that we had more than 300 responses to the survey, which translates to a response rate of 50% or more.  That is the highest response rate ever to a PACE survey!  The results will be analyzed over the next few months and we should receive the final report before the end of the summer.   






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Tell the world what makes NSCC special!

Let everyone know how much we care about our students!  

Tell us in your own words how you help students every day and you could play a part in the #nsccspirit We’re Here to Help video project. We’re looking for words from the heart - of hope, encouragement and advice - from our faculty and staff to share with our current students and students interested in enrolling at NSCC.

Here are good tips to keep in mind:

  1. Keep your video to 15 seconds.
  2. Standard File Types: MP4, MOV
  3. Max Size: 25MB
  4. Make sure you can be seen! (No bright windows or lights behind you).
  5. Keep your camera horizontal, not vertical.
  6. Submit your video by Monday, May 18, 2020!



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Annual Enrollment open until June 1st for Changes Effective July 1, 2020
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  • Check your mail for your participating benefits statement – review this information carefully. The GIC and the State Board of Retirement have included change forms and self-addressed envelopes if you need to make any changes and to mail to them directly.

If you are making any changes to your benefits, completed enrollment forms must be submitted no later than Monday, June 1, 2020.

If you are not making any changes, an enrollment form does not need to be completed.


Flexible Spending Accounts - Benefit Strategies

You MUST RE-ENROLL in the Flexible Spending Accounts EVERY YEAR to PARTICIPATE!

  • Click more information to enroll as either a new participant or a current participant in the Health Care Spending Account or the Dependent Care Account.

  • When entering your personal information, please choose “Agency Type – HRCMS” and “Agency – NSC1000 North Shore Comm. College”.

 If you are planning to enroll in the Health Care Spending Account or the Dependent Care Account it must be completed no later than Monday, June 1st.

Check your email for more detailed information.   If you have any questions please contact: Jenn Chavez at  or Jen Burgess at



Job Openings


Assistant Comptroller, Fiscal Affairs
Assistant Director of Enrollment (Staff Associate)
Curriculum and Database Analyst (Staff Associate), Academic Affairs
Dean of Strategic Partnerships
Full Stack Integration Specialist, Information Systems
Registrar, Student Affairs

Campus Police

Institution Security Officer II (3rd shift)


Clerical/Office Support

PT Administrative Assistant, TRIO-Talent Search Program
Summer Assistant, TRIO Upward Bound Program
Summer Community Team Leader, TRiO Upward Bound Program
Summer Learning Leader, TRiO Upward Bound Program


FT Faculty, Medical Assistant Certificate Program, Fall 2020
FT Faculty, Surgical Technology Program (Associate Degree), Fall 2020
Summer Instructors (Math, English, Science, Foreign Language, and Social Science) Upward Bound  



Assessment Officer (Military Prior Learning Assessment Specialist)
Assessment Officer, Center for Alternative Studies and Educational Testing


For more information, contact Kim Bevan at




 waterfall meditation

Virtual Relaxation

I recorded two meditations I recently led at NSCC and am sharing the links in case you and yours would like to listen, whenever you have time. We can all use some relaxation and encouragement.

Each is roughly 25-minutes long and includes some breathing work, muscle relaxation and then a peaceful journey among the evening sky or to a tropical island beach.  All you have to do is click on the link (no account necessary / sound clip only) to get started on your trip to the stars or sea -- a very nice way to sit back, close your eyes, and unwind after a long day.

Please feel free to share these: 777938233/evening-sky- meditation 777938233/tropical-beach- meditation  

And you are welcome to join us any Friday between 12-12:30pm (ending May 15th) for the live version. Just use this link:

Phone Numbers
(‪US‬)‪+1 316-512-3367‬
PIN: ‪291 630 487#‬

Sending positivity and healing energy your way!

--Donna Davis, Senior Academic Counselor



Coronavirus Updates and Resources

Due to COVID-19, NSCC campuses are under restricted access. Student learning, teaching, programs, and services are being conducted remotely. Please monitor your college email and check for frequent updates and resources.


NSCC family, please stay well! #InThisTogether  #nsccstrong 




















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