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allegra goodman and audience

New York Times bestselling author Allegra Goodman kicked off Arts In April at NSCC with a reading from her latest book, "Sam," a coming-of-age story about a young woman living in Beverly and attending NSCC.
Additional photos from the event may be found on Flickr.

Arts in April continues this week!

More important than a work of art itself is what it will sow. Art can die, a painting can disappear.
What counts is the seed. 

―  Joan Miro, painter

Join NSCC throughout April for arts-related workshops, poetry slams, paint nights, live theater, and so much more!

This week, don’t miss:

Bilingual poet and NSCC alum Dany Acosta presents live poetry (April 11)

Jeffrey Marshall talks about his art depicting Hurricane Katrina, The New Orleans Drawing Project (April 13)

Magician and NSCC alum Kam Diaz performs magic and illusions (April 14) 

—An exhibit of NSCC student artwork curated by professor Bonnie Ashmore in the Danvers library 

… and don’t forget to submit your photos to the Environmental Photo Contest by April 12!

Visit our website for the full program of events: 

Arts in April events are free and open to the public, so bring your family and friends!

For more info or questions, please email the Arts in April Committee, c/o Cari Keebaugh, at


campus climate survey banner
Share your perspectives and experiences to improve NSCC!

This morning, all eligible students and employees were emailed an individualized link to participate in NSCC’s first Diversity & Equity Campus Climate Survey– be sure to check your spam folder! The email is from ‘’ Your link will be active from April 10 through April 30, 2023. Your participation will help in co-creating a culture with an authentic sense of belonging for all NSCC community members.

Please encourage your students to take the survey! The first 300 eligible students to complete the survey and confirm their participation at the end of the survey will receive a $25 Amazon gift card!

Read the NSCC Diversity & Equity Campus Climate Survey FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) here.

--Nikki Pelonia, Chief Diversity & Equity Officer



mouse with helmet, mousetrap, cybersecurity flyer
Professional Day Recordings

Please click here to access resource links and videos of sessions from Institutional Professional Day.

--Kara Kaufman, on behalf of the Professional Development Team


Nick Royal
Meet your newest colleague and changes to our ranks

Please give a warm NSCC welcome to your newest colleague, Nick Royal, our inaugural Title IX Coordinator, Affirmative Action & Compliance Officer. Welcome, Nick!  

Changes to our ranks
Please congratulate the following employee who has recently moved into a new role:

Maryellen Hunt, EDP Systems Analyst IV



NSCC police decal

NSCC Police Department Spotlight
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)

Sexual violence happens in every community and affects people of all genders and ages. It is an abuse of power and is linked to long-term consequences for both the individual and the community.  There are many types of sexual violence, including acts that do not have physical contact between the victim and the offender.  They include threats, peeping, and sexual harassment.  Sexual violence also includes physical acts, such as unwanted touching and rape.  Over 80% of offenders are known to the victim/survivor. 

Anyone can be a victim.  1.3 million adult women in the U.S. are raped each year.  Nearly 1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men have been raped at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, these numbers grossly under estimate the extent of the problem because many assaults are not reported because victims are afraid to tell the police, friends, or family members. Victims may also fear their stories of abuse will not be believed and that the police cannot help them. They may feel embarrassed or ashamed. Lastly, victims may also keep quiet because they have been threatened if they tell anyone.


  • 11.2% of all students experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence, or incapacitation (among all graduate and undergraduate students)

  • Among undergraduate students, 23.1% of females and 5.4% of males experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence, or incapacitation

  • 4.2% of students have experienced stalking since entering college


  • 44 percent of lesbians and 61 percent of bisexual women experience rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner, compared to 35 percent of heterosexual women

  • 26 percent of gay men and 37 percent of bisexual men experience rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner, compared to 29 percent of heterosexual men

  • 47% of transgender people are sexually assaulted at some point in their lifetime

What can you do to protect yourself?

You have the right to not be alone with someone you do not know or trust.

You have the right to think about how far you want to go in a relationship.

Be aware of drug-facilitated substances that can be slipped into your or anyone’s drink without knowing. These drugs may make you feel drowsy, confused, physically weak, and/or knock you out. The drugs may also affect memory and you and your friends may not be able to remember what happened.

Never leave your drink unattended.

Attend parties, events or bars with a group of friends, arranging beforehand to watch each other’s drinks. If you arrive as a group, watch out for each other, and leave together.

Some Key Reminders:

  •  ‘No’ means no.

  • ‘Stop’ means stop.

  • ‘Go away’ means go away.

  • A prior or current relationship is NOT a sign of consent.

  • Previously having sex with someone is NOT a sign of consent.

  • You must verbally say you agree to any sexual activity (e.g., kissing, moving from kissing to foreplay, from foreplay to sex, etc.).

  • Sexual violence is always the fault of the offender.

  • Silence does not mean consent.

Anyone who has been subject to any sexual misconduct is encouraged to report the incident to the North Shore Community College Police Department at 781-593-7032.  The department has caring, trained sexual assault professionals to help in crisis situations.


Centers for Disease Control & Prevention,

National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC)

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)

--Officer Linda Walsh Romano, Sexual Assault Investigator



bruins logo, image of hockey fans. lets go bruins

Celebrate April Spirit Week, 4/17- 4/21

To kick off the start of the NHL playoffs and in honor of our beloved Bruins, who clinched the President's Trophy this year, we're celebrating April Spirit Week, 4/18-4/21! We invite all faculty, staff, administration, and students to help celebrate by wearing your favorite hockey attire - professional, college, or high school - during April Spirit Week! You could be featured on our social media pages if we see you on campus in hockey attire. 


--C.A.R.E Committee




lightbulb, ideas, electricity bolts

Looking for a few good ideas!

Got an idea for a strategy for the year two (FY24) Tactical Plan? Use this form to submit your idea.  Be prepared to link your idea to the appropriate priority:

  • Priority 1: Align the College with regional needs to spur academic innovation and holistic student support. Align community partnerships to educate the whole student

  • Priority 2: Promote social justice at NSCC and in the community by delivering equitable student outcomes

  • Priority 3: Build a transformative, future-focused environment for and with the NSCC community.

Additionally, you will describe the timeline, responsible parties, benchmarks, anticipated outcomes and resources required for the activity.

Please submit no later than April 14th.  It will be reviewed by the Strategic Plan Tactical Committee and also by Cabinet for feasibility and resource availability. Ideas that are not considered will remain in a database for potential future action in a later year of the plan.

--Laurie LaChapelle, AVP, Planning, Research & Resources




excited graduates
Commencement 2023

We are excited to announce that the 57th Commencement Exercises are on Friday, May 19, 2023, at the Lynn Campus.  We will host 3 Ceremonies, 10:00 am,  2:00 pm, and 6:00 pm.   Click here to review the graduate groupings.

The Danvers campus will have limited access and not be open to the public that day as facilities team members and campus police will be at Lynn assisting with the ceremony. If you are scheduled to work in Danvers, please check with your supervisor about remote work or assisting with the Commencement Ceremony at Lynn.  The Lynn campus will have limited on campus services available that day to assist with Commencement but will not be open for in person services. 

The Commencement Committee is seeking event staff to help the event run smoothly.

We welcome all who can assist. Please note, you do not need to be there all day and that there are several opportunities to contribute and still walk in one or more of the ceremonies if you so choose.  You can access the form here to sign up as an Event Staff member at the Commencement Ceremony. This form will be accessible until Wednesday, May 10, 2023.

Also, if you plan to participate as an audience member in one or more ceremonies, please complete this form by Friday, May 12, 2023.   Please note, that faculty and staff will process into the ceremony before the graduates and recess out to form a congratulatory tunnel as the students exit to meet their families and receive their complimentary grad box.  If you need to order or rent Commencement regalia, please complete this Google Form.

With the Commencement Ceremonies taking place during the work day, please check in with your supervisors regarding specific departmental needs during the day, your potential participation, and approval to work the event.

In the next few weeks, we will reach out with additional information and details regarding Commencement, i.e., speaker information, parking, etc.

In the meantime, questions can be directed to or 781-477-2124.

We look forward to seeing you at Commencement!


Amanda Dooling and the 2023 Commencement Team 


cup of coffee, notepad, pen
CTLI Coffee and Conversations Series

Over the spring semester, the CTLI will be hosting a series of informational sessions on a variety of teaching, learning, and assessment topics. The Coffee and Conversations sessions will be held virtually once or twice a month on Fridays from 9:30am to 10:30am. Please join us with your favorite cup of coffee or tea and we will bring the topics to hopefully spur plenty of conversations.

Our next Coffee and Conversations session will be on Friday, April 21 at 9:30am and the topic will be "Experiential Learning at NSCC.” Sonja Gamby will provide an overview of various experiential learning activities used by faculty and engage us in a discussion about how we can work collaboratively to design activities for students to authentically connect with course material and reflect on their experiences. Sonja will also talk about how Title III funding can help support the development of these activities.

Please use the following Zoom meeting link for all Coffee and Conversations sessions.

We would love your feedback on the topics for future sessions. Please share any ideas around what you might like to learn more about at

We hope to see you on April 21st!
-CTLI Staff



 navigate logo

Navigate Weekly Workshops

Fall 2023 registration has opened up, and our students are looking for help! 😊

Our Weekly conversations will always have Coordinated Care as part of the plan. However, over the next several weeks we will also talk about Academic Planning & Registration, Intake Survey results and Student Facing video content. Please visit any one of our workshops, even if it’s not the current topic. As always, our videos can be found on the Navigate NSCC - Youtube Channel. Make sure to like & subscribe! Remember: The Navigate blackboard course, as well as the resource tiles on MyNorthShore, are places to find useful materials.

Topics on each week are flexible to change based on attendance needs!

Wednesday, April 12th

2:00PM - 2:45PM                   Coordinated Care: Cases & Referrals

3:00PM - 3:45PM                   Intake Survey Results & Responses/Open Session Time 

Wednesday, April 19th

2:00PM - 2:45PM                   Coordinated Care: Cases & Referrals

3:00PM - 3:45PM                   Academic Planning & Registration/Open Session Time 

Wednesday, April 26th

2:00PM - 2:45PM                   Coordinated Care: Cases & Referrals

3:00PM - 3:45PM                   Navigate Quick Tips: Student Video Content/Open Session Time 

Thank you for your interest in Navigate!

--John, Jake, Michael, Jeleiny, Sam & Shannon



governance elections on blue background w/stars

Governance Elections - deadline April 10

Please nominate any employee for an appropriate vacancy or indicate your interest in serving on a committee by submitting the person's name, the name of the committee, and component area via e-mail with the subject "Governance Nomination" to the Forum Steering Committee at by 5 PM on Monday, April 10th.

The Governance Membership document provides a listing of vacancies highlighted in blue (total and by committee), showing the method of selection, the term end date, and the current name in the position. All elected positions serve for two years from 2023-2024 (except for those completing a vacancy mid-term, as may be noted on the list of vacancies).  Appointments also serve for two years with the exception of the adjunct faculty and student appointments, which have a one-year term. You can submit your name for an elected position, an appointed position, or both. Names submitted for appointed positions will be forwarded through the appropriate appointing authority.

If you are in a two-year term position that is expiring this year, you can be nominated for another two-year term in the same or on a different committee.

Elections and appointments for Forum Steering Committee and Standing/Advisory Committee positions for AY 2023-2024 will take place in accordance with the schedule and process outlined below:



April 03

Committee positions up for election and appointment for AY 2023-2024 are posted in the Bulletin.


April 03-April 10

Faculty and staff submit nominations or indicate interest in open positions by sending their name, the name of the committee for the appropriate vacancy (whether appointed or elected), and name of the component according to the position on the membership list. Nominations must be submitted by 5 PM on 4/10/23 to the Forum Steering Committee via e-mail at

April 18 Division Meetings

The names of faculty interested in governance vacancies are sent to the Deans and a ballot election is conducted at the division meeting for division-specific positions.

April 18 – April 21


Online voting period for all non-division contested elections.  Voting will conclude at 5 PM, April 21.

April 18

Adjunct faculty and student appointments submitted by the appropriate appointing authority

May 01

Results announced in the Bulletin.


May 12


New Standing Committees will meet to conduct ballot elections for Standing Committee Chair and Representative to the Forum Steering Committee for AY 2023-2024.

May 15

Forum Steering Committee (with both old and newly elected and appointed members) will meet to elect Chair, Vice Chair and Moderator for AY 2023-2024 by ballot.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the members of the Governance Subcommittee: Mary Meng-Lee, Lorena Martinez-Diaz, Sara Hilinski, Sonja Gamby, or any chair of a committee.






NSCC 2023 Governance Award

Every year, NSCC recognizes the work of a governance participant who has demonstrated commitment to serve the college through the Governance System.The deadline for nominations is April 21, 2023. Please nominate a member by completing the nomination form!

Click here to access the list of the current governance membership. Please navigate the tabs in the file to see the members of each committee as needed.

Please contact Mary Meng-Lee ( and/or Lorena Martinez-Diaz ( if you have any questions. Thank you!

--Forum Steering Committee and Governance Subcommittee



Join us to Wish Norene Gachignard well!

norene gachignard retirement



student service awards invitation


RSVP to the Student Service Awards


Check out the April Lynn Cafe Specials!

april lynn cafe specials




climate change photo contest


 Find out more



flyer for race
NSCC is looking to create a group to participate in the Black Excellence 5K Run/Walk in Lynn on April 30, 2023!
If you’re interested to run/walk as part of the NSCC Team, please contact ASAP to register.

The Black Excellence 5K highlights the positive contributions of African Americans in our society and raises funds to support the North Shore Juneteenth Association, a nonprofit organization, with the mission to create awareness about the Juneteenth holiday, to educate the broader community about positive aspects of African American culture, to change the perceived narrative about Black Americans and dismantle racism, by using events and programming as tools for change. As we continue this multicultural event in its 5th year, your registration fee will go towards Juneteenth events and programming supported by North Shore Juneteenth Association's mission. Awards will be given to the top finishers! Click here for more info on the 5K.





black women of the suffragette flyer

North Shore Juneteenth Association, Inc. and North Shore Community College (NSCC) proudly present "The Black Women of the Suffrage Movement" traveling exhibit to NSCC from March 31 to April 28, 2023, in honor of Women's History Month and Arts in April. The exhibit will be viewable to the NSCC community at our Lynn Campus, 2nd floor, LW200A.

This exhibit is a celebration of the remarkable black women in history who paved the way for Shirley Chisolm, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, Ayanna Pressley and so many more. The pieces featured to highlight the contributions Black Suffragettes, such as Sojourner Truth, Mary Church Terrell, and Ida B. Wells, made toward the Women’s Suffrage Movement as a whole.

In celebration of the exhibit and partnership, we will be hosting a Closing Reception on Thursday, April 27 from 4:30 to 6:30 PM featuring live performances, food, and speakers from the community. Click here to RSVP



spanish conversation flyer with dates of meetings
Join the Spanish Conversation Group - in person or via Zoom!




run to home base flyer
Questions?  Contact Annmarie Paolucci at





practical nursing fundraiser graphic

Scan the QR code for further details




squirrel on ladder with camera

We want to see you in pictures!

2023 Faces of NSCC - TOGETHER   We welcome all NSCC students, faculty, staff, administrators to participate by submitting a picture(s), short video and or quote.  Encouraged to include with you any 2/4 legged/feathered family/friends at home, on campus, outside, studying, having fun, traveling, vacations, anywhere!  We want to see you! 

Deadline to submit April 30, 2023.

Submit Here

Thank you,
--Diversity Leadership Committee 2023 Faces team





lifeworks app logo

Please share with your students
Student mental health support: Telehealth and more

Reaching out for help can be overwhelming and scary. Your Student Support Program (SSP) is here to help you, not judge you. Call or chat with My SSP anytime. Free, confidential, and available 24/7.

NSCC's MyStudentSupport app from Lifeworks connects students with credentialed, Masters-level counselors to help them successfully address cultural, physical, and mental health challenges as they pursue their college education. Students can speak with a counselor in English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Cantonese no matter where they are. Students can download the free app from the Google Play or Apple Store, or visit their website at


Welcome to the
Equality & Equity Project

 As part of our commitment to Anti-Racism, Diversity & Inclusion, the Equality & Equity Project will provide historical and present-day information about the contributions, challenges, culture, and daily lives of the many vital groups that make up our NSCC community, and the larger world.

We invite you to visit often, reflect on what you see and read, discuss it with others and, hopefully, expand your knowledge base, appreciation, and understanding of groups beyond your own.  


group of Winnemem Wintu womenLand and water are shared environmental resources we all rely upon. Much of California farmland was suffering from drought in recent years, until floods this March put farmland and local towns under water. The devastation and loss of their livelihood was due to changes in weather. With the completion of the Shasta Dam in 1945, a reliable source of water was established for the farmers of central California. But the Winnemem Wintu people were left homeless and without precious resources, by flooding of their land and by the dam blocking the migration path of the Chinook salmon they relied upon for their livelihood. Research quantifying the possession of indigenous land by the US found that 98.9% of native peoples' land has been taken, often without any compensation paid, as was the case for the Winnemem Wintu tribe left homeless by the construction of Shasta Dam. To learn more read this article.


Linda Sarsour

ARAB-AMERICAN PERSONS Linda Sarsour, (1980-) is a political activitst, born and raised in New York, who identifies with her Palestinian Muslim heritage in her work as a community organizer and advocate for social justice. Sarsour co-chaired the 2017 Women's March, the largest worldwide protest and the 2015 March2Justice, a 250-mile walk from her home state of New York to Washington, DC to deliver a 'justice package' demanding an end to racial profiling demilitarizing of the police and juvenile justice reforms.

Learn more about Linda's passion for justice here.

If you have any questions or comments on NSCC's Equality & Equity Project, please contact us at


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