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ventilators loan to winchester hosp.

North Shore Community College is proud to be able to assist in the fight against coronavirus by lending health care equipment. #InThisTogether  #nsccproud

NSCC alum Tasha Boodakian, Class of 2019, RRT (registered respiratory therapist) at Winchester Hospital is shown with loaned NSCC medical equipment that includes 3 state-of-the-art, industry-standard mechanical ventilators along with a non-invasive ventilator (BiPAP machine).  read more


mary malone ota video
April is Occupational Therapy Month!

Check out this awesome, uplifting video, that shares good vibes and healthy messages, created by the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program staff and "friends." #InThisTogether



 waterfall meditation

Virtual Relaxation

If you are finding it challenging to cope during this difficult time, enjoy a bit of relaxation and calm by joining a free, weekly, 30-minute virtual meditation class, Fridays in April, at noon, beginning April 3.

In addition, virtual COVID-19 Support Groups are being offered which will allow participants to talk through challenges and provide ideas for improvement. The one-hour sessions will be held during the month of April on Mondays at 11 a.m. and Tuesdays at 1p.m., starting April 6 and April 7, respectively.

Both the virtual meditation class and virtual COVID-19 Support Groups will be facilitated by NSCC Crisis Counselor Donna Davis.

To attend, complete this GoogleForm
A GoogleMeet link for the event(s) of your choice will be emailed to you.

Please share with your students!



conference call bingo graphic


Add some pizzazz to your Zoom meetings!

For those of you hosting or participating in Zoom meetings,  add a little fun to the meetings by changing up your background.  Many sites are offering free backgrounds that can be changed in Zoom's setting.  Also popular are various versions of Conference Call Bingo.  Here are a few links to get some fun backgrounds and games. discover/free-virtual- backgrounds

canva (conference call bingo)





 Governance Elections

 Elections for vacancies in College Governance are being held between 3/25 - 4/23 for open positions in accordance with the attached timeline.

Attached is a list of Forum Steering Committee and Standing/Advisory Committee vacancies for management staff.  Most of the terms run for 2 years (expiring in 2022) but a few openings are filling midterm vacancies and are therefore for a one-year term (expiring in 2021).  Information about the process for filling vacancies on the Forum Steering Committee and the 6 Standing/Advisory Committees that represent our governance system is attached for your review.  Please take the time to review the materials and consider making a commitment to serve on a college governance committee.   

Nominations are due to Katelyn Considine in HR  at by 4/10. 

Diversity Leadership Council is still requesting pictures
 for Faces of NSCC 2020!

The Diversity Leadership Council (DLC) is still collecting pictures and quotes for its annual Faces of NSCC video, which highlights students, staff, faculty, and events at the College. Faces of NSCC 2020 will be shown at various campus and outreach events.   “Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion in NSCC’s Community”.

With most learning and working now taking place remotely, a whole new category of photo opportunities has opened up.  Please take and send pictures of students, staff, faculty working from home - teaching, learning, working.  Photo suggestions:  Helping your children do their schoolwork online; your unusual, hastily created "office" space; holding a sign with words of encouragement and support for the NSCC community; serious photos; fun photos, etc. Be creative!

Students' music is encouraged and welcomed! Email me your link!

There is a question on the release form for those who would like to provide a quote, which is optional.  People may have their picture taken with or without including a quote.

Please direct any questions, send photos, student release forms and music to:

Anne Tabet at  Deadline to submit is Friday, May 1.

Have fun taking pictures!

Thank you,

The Faces Committee with the Diversity Leadership Council



Coronavirus Updates and Resources

Due to COVID-19, NSCC campuses are under restricted access. Student learning, teaching, programs, and services are being conducted remotely. Please monitor your college email and check for frequent updates and resources.


COVID-19 Stress-Free Tips & Resources

(Thank you, Donna Davis!)

/support/center/take-a-deep-breath.htm: Find free tools to help you lower stress levels, and to help you and your loved ones stay distracted during this time.  Also, consider  Some services are free, but some do require subscription.

Practical Tips to Help you Stay Grounded in Uncertain Times

  1. Get the FACTS.  Go to valid and reliable sources for your information (,, The more accurate the information, the better you will understand how to lessen the risk for yourself and your loved ones.
  1. Move away from social media and all other news cycles intermittently during the day. It can get overwhelming if you are focused on news cycles 24/7!
  1. Develop healthy eating habits - fruits and vegetables with antioxidants, and staying hydrated.
  1. Learn how to Relax & Chillax!  Zoning out in front of the television is NOT relaxation! Meditation, deep breaths, enjoyable physical activities (such as outdoor walks while practicing social distancing) are better for improving on positive mental and emotional health.
  1. Get plenty of sleep!
  1. Be social - connect with friends and family by phone and FaceTime and even do virtual activities together.  Zoom dance party or karaoke, anyone? Especially connect when you are feeling overwhelmed or sad. Remember, this has a beginning, middle, and end.
  1. Do not stress about being stressed!  Stress is normal. Just recognize when your stress levels are higher than normal, and then connect with your support systems to help you get through that challenging moment.  This, too, will pass. 

Social distancing doesn't have to doom your weekends. We have ideas - 25 ideas for SELF-CARE - CNN

20 Amazing Places You Can Travel to Without Leaving Home - from TravelZoo

Free Exercise Videos: YMCA - for all ages.

Free Yoga Options:  All apps - including Yoga for Beginners &  7 Minute Workout FREE until July 1, 2020 for college students/professors/ healthcare workers OR
Yoga with Adriene - for all levels.

Laughter Yoga: Laugh with others over the phone - humor is key right now.  

Staying Busy and Educating Your Kids: includes lots of helpful information including talking to your children about COVID19.  Also consider,,, and


NSCC family, please stay well! #InThisTogether  #nsccstrong 




















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