Student Government Elections

SGA is the official voice of the student body. The Association encourages self-government, promotes responsibility, loyalty, and cooperation among students, faculty, and the administration. The Student Government Executive Board consists of a President, Vice President, Student Trustee and Vice Presidents of Communications, Finance, Academics,  and Culture/Inclusion. We are excited to host the Student Government elections for the 2020/2021 Academic Year. 

The Election Process

This year's election will take place electronically through via email to all eligible students. Voting will open on Wednesday, September 23rd, and close Sunday, September 27th. Please check your email once voting has opened to find your ballot and cast your vote.


Below you will find all of the candidates that are running for a seat on the Student Government Executive Board. After the title of each role, you will find a some information about the candidates running for that position.

Candidates for SGA President

Gabriela Garcia

Hi, My name is Gabriela (Gaby) Garcia, and I'm in my third semester at NSCC studying. I am currently studying History. In the future, I plan to specialize in European History. While studying at NSCC, I have been a part of MASSPIRG, Environmental Club and STEM Club. At NSCC I have felt welcomed and have enjoyed my student experience. 

I'm running for student president as I strongly believe that every student is important to the NSCC community. I am committed to being a positive leader for you, a leader in which everyone is reflected. True democracy is possible when everyones voice is heard and taken into account. Your opinion and ideas count no matter how big or small you think they are. I want all of you to see me as someone you can trust and talk to about your concerns. The times we are living in are times of uncertainty. However, that should only give us more reasons to raise our voices and unite despite the distance that separates us. 

I want to be the next student president because everyones voice matters and each student can make a difference.

Gabriela Garcia

Candidates for Student Trustee

Elijah Alouidor

 Hello! My name Elijah Alouidor, I'm in my third semester at Northshore working towards a degree in Business Administration. I have had many roles at NSCC which has allowed me to connect with and understand the needs of the student body. I have had the privilege of working as a work study employee for Student Engagement which helped get me  involved in various activities at the school. I have served as Vice President of the MALES Club, and have since moved on to become the President of the club. I have also helped with many events including assisting with coordinating the "Poetry Groove" night at the Lynn museum during Black history month. My time at NSCC has been a great experience and when I saw the various positions available I decided to run for what I thought would be the best fit for myself, and the role that I could best assist and promote the needs of the student body.

I am running for Student Trustee because I believe this is a role for an individual who is driven, responsible, and has a good understanding of what their fellow students need to be successful in an educational institution. I believe in having the power to vote on real subjects like institution policy, budgeting, etc. Having me in the role of Student Trustee would be a great opportunity to share not only my input, but OUR input as a student body to effectively communicate what we want and need to our administration and governing board. I look forward to having a great and exciting year that consists of what we need to strive and succeed as students of NSCC. Thank you!


Elijah Alouidor

Nicholas Mackiewicz

Hey Everyone! I just want to have complete transparency on the issues that I find most pressing that I will be bringing to the board. I welcome to hear additional concerns from the student body.

I believe I have the ability to listen,understand and articulate the issues that are relevant for NSCC students including but not limited to:  

  • Accessibility,affordability and understanding of new technology to be fully operational for an online learning environment

  • Appreciation of racial,cultural,gender, socioeconomic and age diversity and how it impacts a learning environment

  • Coping with unique challenges of pandemic an increased need for additional counseling and dealing with isolation and potential physical illness

  • Increasing communication between SGA and total student body to improve connection and student involvement

  • Helping the homeless and hungry students get housing and food with NSCC funds or grants

  • and allowing students in the Human Services programs to participate in initiatives.  

I hope you will consider giving me the opportunity to represent you in the 2020-2021 academic year. Thank you for your consideration and support.

-Nicholas Gene Mackiewicz

Check Out Nick's Campaign Video!


Nicholas Mackiewicz

Candidates for Vice President of Academics

Olalekan Adeyeria

My name is Olalekan Adeyeri. In order to understand why I think you should vote for me as V.P. Of Academics, let me give you a brief summary of my personal journey. Through a mix of my lack of preparedness, apathy for school, and the different challenges I had to maneuver, I struggled to stay organized and keep up in high school. This led to me not doing as well as I’d wanted. However, in college, through my personal projects which served as a bridge to my academic interests, combined with access to resources that college presents, I was able to find enthusiasm for school. Furthermore, academic success strategies that I was introduced to, led to me overcoming my previous struggles and paved the way for me to thrive in my academics. 

As V.P. Of Academics, I hope to utilize my personal experience along with input from you, the student body, to find and implement completely new ways that the V.P. Academics can aid in increasing student success. I would hope to do this through a myriad of approaches. First, working with our school’s academic success counselors and encouraging increased access to academic success strategies that students may not be aware of. Secondly, promoting real-life learning opportunities that create a passion for learning, through practical applications of the same concepts we’re taught in classes. Finally, and most importantly, given these rapidly changing times, I hope to increase the connection between the student body and North Shore Community College’s academic leadership, through my experience in user research, to develop a way of constantly getting student feedback, which would allow for policies that really help students. 

Ultimately, my hope is to be a V.P. Of Academics that empowers and guides students towards better outcomes. Thank you for your consideration of me as V.P. Of Academics.

Candidates for Vice President of Culture & Inclusion

Zahriyannah Karakashian-Jones

Zahriyannah Karakashian-Jones is currently running as the Vice President of Culture and Inclusion at North Shore Community College. She uses the pronouns she, her, and hers. Aside from being a student at NSCC she currently works as the Front Desk Manager at a swim school for children and is the founder of Grassroots Brookline. Grassroots Brookline is an organization that puts together country-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives including Juneteenth events, PRIDE Marches, and Disability Awareness Walks. These events include educational opportunities to continually support the furtherance of inclusivity in education, workplaces, and communities not only in her hometown of Brookline, MA but across the nation. With professional experience and volunteering with non-profit organizations and diversity advisory committees, she has earned a reputation as a pillar in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion capable of bringing about and maintaining true, positive change. She looks forward to continuing this work as the next Vice President of Culture and Inclusion.


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