The Student at Risk (SAR) team at NSCC is comprised of representatives from several areas across the College, who bring their collective expertise to assess and respond to concerning student situations. These situations can vary both in type and level of urgency. The following are some of the typical situations considered by SAR:

  • Mental and emotional health situations
  • Behavioral/social situations
  • "Red flag" situations (student who is presenting unusual emotional displays, like crying; student who is noticeably angry or disgruntled; students who are not following typical self-care practices; or students whose behavior is mildly interfering with College operations and cannot be classified as a Code of Conduct violation)

Some of the following situations might not be handled by the SAR team, but by other entities at the College:

  • Students who have suicidal ideation and seek out crisis counseling at the College on their own
  • Immediate threats to the College community, which are handled by campus police
  • Title IX situations and certain Code of Conduct violations are handled by the Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator


The Mission of the The Student at Risk (SAR) team is to consider each student at risk case from multiple lenses, assess the level of potential risk to the student and/or others, and then triage appropriately by connecting student to appropriate resources within and/or outside the College, when, and as, necessary. Assessing and triaging also considers threat levels to the Community and appropriate response and follow-up, including working with Campus Police on possible threats. The team provides consultation to faculty and staff regarding concerning behaviors and situations presented by students. In certain cases, the team also provides information and feedback on Title IX, Affirmative Action, and Conduct situations, when consulted by the Title IX coordinator and/or Dean of Students. 

Meet the team

The SAR team is comprised of representatives from the College and is chaired by the Dean of Students and a Co-Chair. The team is composed of the following members:

  • Crisis Counselors
  • Campus Police Chief
  • Campus Police Lieutenant
  • Accessibility Services Director
  • Representative of Academic Affairs
  • Dean of Students and/or designee
  • Assistant Code of Conduct Administrator

Bonie Bagchi Williamson, Ph.D.Bonie Bagchi Williamson, Ph.D. 
Student at Risk Team Chair 
Dean of Students 
Office Dean of Students 

David CookDavid Cook 
Student at Risk Team Co-Chair 
Chief of Campus Police

Debbie CampbellDebbie Campbell 
Student Support Center 
Senior Academic Counselor 

Donna DavisDonna Davis 
Student Support Center 
Senior Academic Counselor 

Susan GrahamSusan Graham 
Accessibility Services 
Director of Accessibility Services 

Iyanoska Liria

Dean of Students Office/OSE 
Administrative Support to the SAR Team 

Ronald Smith 
Assistant Dean: Human Services & Emergency Response 

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