Welcome from the Dean of Students

Welcome to North Shore Community College! What an exciting time in your life to be standing on the verge of realizing your hopes and dreams. Along with the excitement, you might be experiencing some anxiety and fear, especially if it is your first time attending College. As you go through your time at NSCC, we hope you make many connections and learn a lot. We want you to be in an environment that feels respectful and where you feel you are included and that you belong. We also want you to learn and grow, both as a student and as a person. We hope to help you realize that taking care of yourself also means taking care of your society and giving back when you can. Most importantly, we want you to leave NSCC having successfully completed your program of study (or courses), having a strong sense of purpose, and with the tools you need to lead a meaningful life. 

Philosophy of the Dean of Students Office

The Philosophy of the DOS Office is to serve students by supporting them to realize their full potential. We support them through obstacles they may encounter on their educational journey and we push them towards realizing their full potential by offering challenging opportunities that they can participate in. 

About the Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office consists of the Dean of Students, Dr. Bagchi Williamson, Assistant Code of Conduct Adminstrator, Mr. Andrew Dore, her Administrative Assistant, Ms. Iyanoska Liria, and other areas in the DOS portfolio. The DOS Office oversees  Commencement, the Office of Student Engagement, and Accessibility Services. The DOS is also responsible for maintaining Community Standards and serves both as the Chief Conduct Officer and the Chief Student Grievance officer. She also chairs the Student at Risk (SAR) Team, which is a cross-College team that works at identifying students in crisis or at risk and then providing the needed support and follow up. 

Bonie Bagchi Williamson, Ph.D.
Dean of Students 
Email: nbagchiw@northshore.edu

Andrew Dore 
Assistant Code of Conduct Adminstrator  
Email: adore@northshore.edu

Iyanoska Liria
Administrative Assistant 
Email: iliria@northshore.edu 
Phone: 978-762-4000 ext.2164

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