The NSCC Environmental Club offers students a unique forum where they can focus on issues relating to the environment and sustainability. The emphasis is on education and activism leading to solutions on the college campus and beyond. The club meets biweekly in an informal, friendly, and moderated setting. It provides opportunities for inspired students to share ideas and formulate action plans on topics ranging from greening the college campus to politics, science, education, environmental ethics, and anything else relevant to environmentalism and promoting a just and sustainable society. Club members will have the chance to learn and practice methods of democratic citizenship as they advocate individually and collectively for policies and actions that are earth-friendly and ethically based. 

environmental club zoom meetingOne of the main goals of the Environmental Club is to educate NSCC students and the college at large in the practices of sustainable living, with the ultimate goal of creating a culture of sustainability on the NSCC campuses that will serve as a model for other schools and our local community.

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Prof. Jessica Burt:

Ejyo Katagiri:


Kobe Weiss and Philip Haley, Co-Presidents
Julia Norcross, Social Media Manager

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April 28th, 2021

If you would like to join us, contact one of the advisors for a Zoom link to the meeting.


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See a map of the world and each contries Biocapacity (amount the ecosystem can support a person).


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Figure out your environmental footprint with this link to a footprint calculator.

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Or this calculator from The Nature Conservancy

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