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Getting Ready For Your Hybrid Course


You need to have completed the following checklist before the first day of classes. Each of these steps is necessary to successfully complete your course! If you have any questions, call the Distance Learning office at (781) 477-2172.

1. If you haven't used Blackboard Learn, complete the online orientation to Blackboard Learn.

You can find instructions here.

2. Find out when your class is meeting.

Different hybrid courses have different schedules for on-campus meetings. Check the distance learning course schedule to find out when yours meets.

3. Get your books at the NSCC bookstore.

You need to pick up your books at the Lynn or Danvers Bookstore. You can also arrange to have books shipped to you by calling 978-762-4046.

4. Find out if you have the computer equipment and skills you need.

To take a hybird course, you must have access to a computer with Internet access and email. You will also need to know some basic computer skills. Some courses also have additional software requirements. Please check the details on our requirements page to make sure you're prepared.

5. Make sure hybrid learning is right for you.

Hybrid courses are flexible and convenient, but they are not for everyone. They require self-discipline, self-motivation, and some technical know-how. If you enjoy working independently, you will probably succeed. Please take our short quiz to help you decide if an online course is a good choice for you.

6. If you have questions, please contact us.

You can contact us at (781) 477-2172 or by email at distance@northshore.edu.

7. Begin your course on the first day of classes.

You are responsible for beginning your class on time and for knowing when the first class session meets.

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