Do I have to be vaccinated to take classes in the spring 2022 semester?

If you register for courses with any on-campus component or if you plan on coming to campus in the spring – including to access the library, computer lab, athletic facilities, or other in-person student services – you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and submit written proof of an official record of full vaccination status.

If you do not expect to be on campus for any reason, you are not required to be fully vaccinated or to provide written proof of an official record of full vaccination status unless it is required by your program or activity (ex. athletics, healthcare program, clinical placement).

If, after the start of the semester, you would like to come to campus to access college services and facilities, you will be required to provide written proof of your official record of vaccination status before coming to campus.

What’s the deadline for providing proof of my vaccination status?

All students seeking to register for in-person classes for the Spring 2022 semester must submit proof of vaccination ahead of course registration to ensure they are in compliance with the policy.

How do I provide my written proof of an official record of full vaccination?

You may submit your vaccine information here: NSCC COVID19 Student Vaccination Form.

Please note that the attestation of vaccination status will not be accepted as written proof of an official record of full vaccination status.

If I received an exemption and/or reasonable accommodation related to certain COVID-19 vaccination requirements in the Fall of 2021 do I now need to request a reasonable accommodation in accordance with the Student Vaccination Policy?

Yes, any vaccine requirements and or exclusions for Fall 2021 were based on specific sub-groups of students in certain programs or activities.

Will my vaccination record be treated confidentially?

Vaccination records will be treated in the same confidential manner as other student records.

Can I still register for in-person classes if I have not yet been fully vaccinated?

Registration for in-person courses is limited to those who have provided proof of full vaccination or those who have received a reasonable accommodation consistent with the Student Vaccination Policy.

If you have any questions about submitting proof that you are fully vaccinated, please email

If you have questions related to reasonable accommodations, please email

If I am a high school student who is taking a College course on the College’s Campus either face to face or hybrid, am I required to be fully vaccinated?

Yes, the Student Vaccination Policy applies to you.

If I am a high school student taking a College course taught to my class at my high school am I required to be fully vaccinated?

If you are a high school student taking college classes at your high school and do not come to campus for class, you must follow any vaccine policies set by your school and are not subject to the college’s vaccination policy. If however you are accessing the college campus for any reason, including meeting with college staff or accessing the college’s library, you must show proof of full vaccination status.

What alternatives are available to me if I am unvaccinated?

Students who are unvaccinated may take courses with no on-campus component and access services remotely. Students may also request a reasonable accommodation where the College will engage in an interactive process to determine if the student is eligible for a reasonable accommodation, and if so, whether the requested accommodation is reasonable and does not create an undue hardship to the College or direct threat to the health or safety of others in the learning and working environment, if applicable.

In the event a reasonable accommodation is approved, students may be subject to additional health and safety protocols and/or be excluded from campus and/or college activities including but not limited to travel for the protection of health or safety, as determined by the College in consideration of local, state, and/or or federal laws and public health guidance and/or mandates.

If I am unable to be fully vaccinated, how do I apply for a reasonable accommodation?

Requests for reasonable accommodation, including requests for a medical or religious exemption, will be considered consistent with applicable laws, legal guidance, and College policy.

Reasonable accommodation requests should be submitted electronically here: Student Reasonable Accommodation Form  If you have any questions about the form, need assistance, or would like a PDF or paper form, please email  

Please note that the individualized interactive process to determine reasonable accommodations is estimated to take a minimum of ten (10) business days following the receipt of satisfactory documentation supporting the student’s eligibility for reasonable accommodation. If you are seeking a reasonable accommodation, please submit your request and necessary documentation as soon as possible and without delay but no later than January 3, 2022 if you want your request to be considered in time for the start of the Spring 2022 semester or sooner if you want to register for in-person classes now.

If I register for in-person classes and do not submit proof of vaccination by January 2022 what will happen?

You will not be able to register for in-person classes without submitting written proof of an official record of full vaccination or unless you have an approved reasonable accommodation.

What is the definition of “fully vaccinated”

The community colleges are following the CDC’s definition of full vaccination status, which currently provides that “[i]n general, people are considered fully vaccinated:

  • 2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or
  • 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine.”

If the CDC changes their definition at any time, the revised definition will be applicable.

Please pay close attention to the type of vaccine that you receive and its timing schedule to ensure you are fully vaccinated in time to register for, and attend classes, if you seek to enroll in face-to-face and/or hybrid courses or to access campus for any reason.

If I already had COVID, do I need to be vaccinated?

Yes. According to the CDC, you are not considered fully vaccinated if you have had COVID but have not been vaccinated. 

How do I get vaccinated?

NSCC's  Danvers Campus is now a COVID-19 Booster vaccination site, offering free Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson booster shots, as well as primary doses. Appointments will be available through the state's vaxfinder site although walk-ins will also be accepted.

Additional resources for accessing a COVID-19 vaccine include:

COVID-19 Mobile Vaccine Program
Additional Vaccine Resources


Is NSCC currently open to the public/visitors?

Effective June 15, 2021 North Shore Community College education and operations is open to students, faculty, staff, and visitors/public with a business purpose under Phase IV of its COVID Plan and the Governor’s Massachusetts Reopening Plan.  Some restrictions for large gatherings inside buildings may still be in place due to potential variants but entrances to buildings are no longer in restricted access phase.  For the health and safety of our community, masks are currently required inside the buildings for any student, faculty, staff, or visitor unless alone in a private office.  

View a map of current NSCC entrance locations Lynn Campus | Danvers Campus 

What is meant by remote learning?  Are all classes being taught remotely?

NSCC offers online, hybrid and videoconference courses that brings the classroom to you with the flexibility to fit learning into your busy life. Accessible and convenient, online courses also provide safer learning options to earn your credential.

 Here’s a key to understanding the types of courses you can register for.

Expand AllCollapse All

These courses will be taught 100% online with  a flexible schedule through the use of Blackboard Learn.

These courses will be conducted 100% face-to-face in a classroom on a designated campus at a fixed scheduled time to align to the credit hour definition.

There are three types of Hybrid Courses:

Hybrid | Face-to-Face - These courses will be taught 30-70% flexibly online through the use of Blackboard Learn. The remainder of the course will be taught in a classroom on campus at a fixed scheduled time to make up the remaining credit hour definition. 


Hybrid | Videoconference - These courses will be taught 30-70% flexibly online through the use of Blackboard Learn. The remainder of the course will be taught virtually through Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate at a fixed scheduled time to make up the remaining credit hour definition. 


Flex HybridThese courses will be taught 30-70% flexibly online through the use of Blackboard Learn.  The remainder of the course will be taught virtually through Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate and a combination of face-to-face in a classroom on campus at a fixed scheduled time to make up the remaining credit hour definition.  

There are 2 types of Videoconference Courses:

VideoconferenceThe course will be conducted 100% virtually through Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate at a fixed scheduled time to align to the credit hour definition. The course may have a Blackboard component. 


Videoconference | Face-to-FaceThese courses will be conducted based on a fixed schedule basis through a combination of both video conferencing through Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate and face-to-face instruction in a classroom on campus to align to the credit hour definition.

How do I get in touch with offices like Admissions, Accessibility Services, Advising, Career Placement, Student Financial Services, and Tutoring?

Full list of College offices/departments and contact information.

Are the college libraries open?

The College libraries are all operating as a remote resource with critical services available online. Check out the Library page.

What if I need help with my studies?

Tutoring services are available remotely. Contact the Tutoring Center.

How do I take my Assessment Test?

Placement testing is now available remotely or in person by appointment.  More details on testing

Which NSCC events are being held?

Most NSCC events and extracurricular activities are being provided virtually until further notice. For more information check with the Office of Student Engagement at  

How are MassHire services being impacted?  

MassHire is currently not available face-to-face on the Lynn Campus until further notice.  For more information visit the MassHire website

What can I do if I don’t have a computer and/or internet access at home?

If you do not have easy access to the internet and a computer/tablet, let your instructor know.  If you are a currently enrolled student in the fall semester, you can also contact the Dean of Students, for additional help.  

Take advantage of low-cost internet services and free hot spots. 

Comcast has community hotspots to access free Wi-Fi! Find hotspots in your neighborhood.  Access free Comcast Hotspots in your community

You may be eligible for free or low-cost internet service through Comcast Essentials. You do not need to be a Comcast customer to apply.

Will on-campus computer labs be open?

Computer labs are open on both campuses. Computer lab hours >

Will NSCC IT services still be available if I have technology issues?

Yes, contact or call 978-762-4000, x4167.

If you need assistance with software or technology for remote learning, i.e. Blackboard, Online Tutoring, specialized applications, contact the  or visit the CTLI webpage

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