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High School Equivalency Testing

HiSET® – High School Equivalency Test (Formerly GED)

Massachusetts has replaced the GED with the HiSET® – a test designed by the Educational Testing Service. This new test measures the academic knowledge and proficiency equivalent to those of a high school graduate. The test is five sections and is administered by computer at North Shore Community College. The five sections are Language Arts - Reading, Language Arts - Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. Each test is 90 minutes timed, except the Writing which is 2 hours. HiSET® is offered weekly at the Lynn and Danvers Testing Centers.

There are 4 basic steps you need to take to schedule a HiSET® testing appointment:

  1. First, prepare for the test. You may prepare at NSCC's Adult Learning Center (ALC), a HiSET® prep center, or prepare on your own. For free practice tests, visit the HiSET® website.
  2. Second, make sure you meet the Massachusetts High School Equivalency Credential Requirements.
    Age: School Enrollment Status:
    • You must NOT be enrolled in any secondary school program and must not have received a high school diploma or high school equivalency credential.
    • You must be a resident of Massachusetts, living at a Massachusetts address. You will be required to complete the Eligibility Form (link form) verifying your information and bring it to the test center.
  3. Create an account on the HiSET® website, locate a test center, and schedule your test.
    Note: You must contact ETS/HiSET® Disability to schedule your appointment if you have a disability or health-related need and require testing accommodations. For information please go to HiSET® Disability Accommodations web page or call ETS/HiSET® Customer Service at 1-855-MyHiSET (1-855-694-4738).
  4. Arrive at the testing center on time on the date of your appointment. You must present proper identification for each test session. Outdated or expired identification will not be accepted. Failure to provide identification will prohibit you from taking the test.
    The approved identification includes:
    • A valid Passport
    • A valid driver's license from any state
    • A state-issued ID card
    • National ID card
    • Military ID card

HiSET® Fees

Option 1: Full Battery Purchase (all five tests)
Initial Battery - $100
You are charged $64 when you schedule your first test; remaining $36.00 will be charged when you schedule the four remaining tests at $9 per test. You are encouraged to schedule all five tests at the time of registration; however you have the option to schedule from one to five tests at one time.

Retests - $9 per retest
Up to two retests in each subtest
Must be taken within one year of your initial registration

Option 2: Individual Test Purchase
Individual Test Purchase (one test at a time) First Single Test Initial Purchase $29
Each Subsequent Test including any retests $24

If you have questions about HiSET® testing at North Shore Community College, email hiset@northshore.edu.

For HiSET® customer service, please call 1-855-MyHiSET (1-855-694-4738).

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