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Accessibility Services

Office Locations
Danvers: DH-160
Lynn: LW-121

Monday – Friday
8:30 am – 5:00 pm


(978) 762-4000
Danvers: extension 4501
Lynn: extension 2134

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Transition Support Group (TSG)

The Transition Support Group, or TSG, provides a safe, confidential forum for students with disabilities in their first year at NSCC to meet with other first year students and share experiences, frustrations, and successes. Facilitated by a Disability Counselor, the transition group will offer you the opportunity to connect with your peers and to learn from each other. You are welcome to come to one or all of the monthly meetings.

Who can attend?

You may join if you are an NSCC student who has just graduated from high school or if you are in the first two semesters of college.

Why attend?

Transitioning into college life can sometimes feel like a bumpy road and this can especially be true for students with disabilities. This time can feel very challenging as you are required to be your own advocate and to meet with Accessibility Services to request accommodations and support. Accessibility Services is committed to providing additional support as you navigate through your first semesters at North Shore Community College.

In addition to monthly meetings, each participant of the TSG will receive a monthly newsletter filled with tips and techniques on each of the topics listed below. TSG participants can also request to be paired with a mentor from the Delta Alpha Pi (DAPi) honor society for one-to-one peer support.

TSG discussion topics will include how to

  • Become your own advocate
  • Set academic and life goals
  • Learn the time management strategies that work for you
  • Incorporate stress management techniques into your life
  • Communicate with your instructors
  • Develop new study skills which draw on your own individual strengths


Michele Almeida, Accessibility Services Counselor
Phone: (781) 593-6722 x2193
Email: michele.almeida@northshore.edu

To receive reminder emails about meetings or to suggest topics of interest, please email accessibility@northshore.edu and write "TSG" in the subject line.

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