Spring 2018

Enjoy this straight ahead update from Accessibility Services. This edition of our newsletter includes an update from Director, Susan Graham, one professor's experience in Universal Design for Learning, Links to the Delta Alpha Pi (honor society) publication, and ways to connect as a student with disabilities here at North Shore Community College. Download Spring 2018 newletter

Fall 2017

Take a moment to check out what inspires and challenges the Accessibility Services Department, the students we work with, and NSCC faculty; it's all here in the Fall Newsletter. Download Fall 2017 newletter

Winter/Spring 2017

Read about DAPi Honor Society's first ever grant funded project called "Pass It On" - don t miss the project launch on April 5th. Check out the Wellness Pages in this newsletter for tips on organization and beating stress. Lastly, learn about implementing Universal Design for Learning in course design. Download Winter/Spring 2017 newletter

Fall 2016

Read about an exciting change in the Accessibility Services department. Learn about what is happening this semester in the DAPi Honor Society. Find out more about closed captioning, assistive technology at NSCC, and the importance of alternative format textbooks. Discover strategies for time management and relaxing with water. Download Fall 2016 newletter

Winter/Spring 2016

Click here for a student's perspective of Delta Alpha Pi. Learn how you can use data and Universal Design for Learning to improve online learning. Read about the spring semester Accessibility Services Brown Bag Lunch sessions. View a listing of upcoming Spaulding Adaptive Sports programming. Download Winter/Spring 2016 newletter

Fall 2015

2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); learn more about this landmark legislation. Find out what is new and great with the Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society (DAPi). Discover some tips for developing inclusive learning goals. Download Fall 2015 newletter

Spring 2015

There are some exciting events coming up for the DAPi Honor Society - find out about them here. Discover resources to assist in ensuring that study materials are accessible to students with disabilities. Learn more about the two offices students with academic accommodations utilize at NSCC to take test in. Download Spring 2015 newletter

Fall 2014

Read about three of our faculty who are using creative techniques to meet the needs of our diverse learners. Discover free options for text-to-speech capabilities in programs you're already using. Find out about programs offered by Spaulding Adaptive Sports, such as therapeutic riding and cycling. Download Fall 2014 newletter

Spring 2014

Find out why serving as a note-taker can improve a student's in-class performance and grades. Learn about the importance of Reduced Distraction Testing. Download Spring 2014 newletter

Fall 2013

Uncover tips for students that can get the semester off to a great start. Understand key information about the note-taker accommodation and how to implement it as a faculty member. Download Fall 2013 newsletter

Spring 2013

Are your class documents accessible? Find out here. Also take a quick online tutorial to review essential information about reasonable accommodations and tips for working with students with disabilities. Download Spring 2013 newsletter

Fall 2012

Get an overview and demo of the popular screen reading software JAWS which allows people who are blind or visually impaired to read content on a computer screen. Discover ways to help students of all learning styles and abilities in the classroom through Universal Design for Learning principles. Download Fall 2012 newsletter

Spring 2012

Review time management strategies that can make a difference. Click here for guidelines on how to make events or activities in the classroom accessible to everyone. Download Spring 2012 newsletter

Spring 2011

Studying for longer periods of time may not mean studying smarter; find out how you can maximize the effectiveness of your study time. Get answers to frequently asked questions about the Extended Time for Testing accommodation. Download Spring 2011 newsletter

Fall 2010

Learn about high and low tech assistive technology, including a brief description of speech-to-text software. Read a student's firsthand experience of getting assistance in NSCC's Tutoring Center. Download Fall 2010 newsletter

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