STEM Starter Academy at NSCC

The STEM Starter Academy helps students find their way onto STEM Pathways—that is, STEM learning that leads to university programs and careers in high-demand science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. The Academy provides an amazing opportunity for promising incoming college students to explore cutting-edge careers, gain college classroom experience, and focus on important success skills in a supportive environment. By participating, you’ll gain the tools you need to be STEM-ready in college and in the workplace.

What is STEM?

STEM is an educational program developed to educate students in four specific disciplines — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM integrates these four disciplines into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications. A STEM Education is all about moving forward, creating solutions, and advancing innovation.

Why Choose a STEM Career?

  • Do hands-on work
  • Solve interesting and challenging problems
  • Be creative and work collaboratively with others
  • Work on projects that make a difference in society
  • Be on-demand in the job market
  • Earn a good salary and enjoy job flexibility

This Massachusetts WOW Initiative Video features prominent people in STEM-related careers in Massachusetts, and shows what you can do and where you can go with your STEM education.

STEM Programs at NSCC

Explore how North Shore can help you reach your goals for a STEM education by clicking on the Programs Based on Personal Interests link below! 

Programs Based on Personal Interests

STEM Starter Academy Programs

Learn more about STEM Summer Bridge Program, and the Fall Support Program at NSCC!

Summer Bridge Program and Yearlong Support Program

Summer Bridge is a program for incoming first-year full-time students. It is designed to gain college success strategies that will give them the tools you need to be STEM-ready in college and in the workplace. Students get a head start on their mathematics sequence and build study skills. Each member of the summer STEM Cohort receives funding for one introductory computer science course (CPS 100) and one first-year seminar (FFL 100), which take place during the Summer 2 term at North Shore. The FFL summer experience accelerates your transition to college by familiarizing you with NSCC campus resources and fostering friendships with your new classmates.

Summer Bridge 2021 Flyer



In the following fall and spring semester, students receive ongoing support through regular STEM Cohort meetings and STEM Club meetings and events. Students who are unable to participate in the Summer Bridge program may join the Yearlong Support Program by joining a STEM-contextualized section of a first-year seminar and attending STEM Cohort meetings.

"Interested in the Summer Bridge Program?  Apply here!  Deadline to apply is July 12, 2021.



NSCC STEM Club is partially supported by STEM Starter Academy and provides all NSCC students opportunities to engage in STEM-related activities.

STEM Transfer Academy - Summer 2021

Our graduating NSCC STEM students have opportunities to transition to their 4-year college programs. Participating institutions are:

Framingham State University

Salem State University

UMass Amherst


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