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Cosmetology Certificate (ZCS)
Program Course Descriptions

COS801 Introduction and Practice of Cosmetology
350 hours Encompasses the following subjects in theory, practical and clinical areas: shampooing, hair shaping, manicuring, finger waving, pin curl/roller construction, scalp treatment, facials, chemical services, blow-drying and thermal curling. This course also stresses merchandising, inventory control, buying and selling techniques, personal hygiene, ethics and visual poise. Includes an introduction to salon services and record keeping procedures.
COS803 Theory and Science of Cosmetology
54 hoursThis course emphasizes sanitation and sterilization as it applies to the beauty salon. Covers the normal structure and functions of the scalp, skin, hair and nails, as well as those conditions affecting these structures that may be encountered by the cosmetologist. Bones, muscles, and nerves of the head, face, shoulders, arms and hands, are also covered. This course includes a study of basic chemistry of cosmetics and hair preparations.
COS811 Cosmetology Practicum
96 hoursInstruction in a salon environment designed to allow students to develop his/her skills in all phases of beauty culture. Emphasis is placed on good work habits, and the ability to deal rapidly, efficiently and congenially with patrons.
COS802 Practice of Cosmetology
132 hoursEncompasses principles of hair design, creating harmony between hairstyles and facial structure, special perming techniques, special effects in highlighting, dimensional and corrective hair color. Includes chemical hair relaxing, soft curl permanent, thermal hair straightening, styling wigs, pedicure and removal of unwanted hair. Salon operations are also covered.
COS804 Theory and Science of Cosmetology 2
42 hoursThis course includes a basic study of the functions of human cells, a basic knowledge of modern chemistry, skin and nail disorders, electricity and light therapy. A project related to opening and managing a beauty salon is also included.
COS812 Advanced Cosmetology Practicum
326 hoursA laboratory course in a beauty salon setting. Allows the student to practice and develop his/her skills on clients 3 days a week under close supervision and guidance. Students will consult with clients to determine their needs and preferences. Also trains students to manage their time to provide efficient client service, to practice marketing professional salon products, and to maintain business records related to client services.
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