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Web Development Certificate (WDV)
Program Course Descriptions

Pre: Communications Proficiency
Emphasis is on using XHTML coding standards to create Web pages that display tables, image maps, frames, and forms. CSS will be used throughout the course to create consistent pages in student Web sites. Dynamic Web pages will be created using JavaScript and DHTML. Students enrolling in this course should be capable of using the Windows or Mac operating system and hava an understanding of basic file management. Fulfills open and software electives. (3 lecture hours per week)
CPS142 Web Graphics and Multimedia
Pre: Communications Proficiency
An introduction to designing and preparing graphics for the World Wide Web. File formats, file sizes, compression methods, cross-platform web color, typography in images, client-side image maps, scanning techniques, and browser- specific techniques will be covered. Photoshop and other graphic editor programs will be used to create and optimize graphics for a course project. Multimedia software will be used to produce web animations that will be incorporated into the overall design of the project web site. Students entering this course must be able to use the Windows interface to locate, create, and manipulate files and have a working knowledge of how to use a web browser to access information to the WWW. Fulfills open, software and web development electives. (4 lecture hours per week)
CPS158 Dreamweaver
Pre: Communications Proficiency
This hands-on course explores the design of Web sites using Dreamweaver software. Students will define a web site, work with text and images, use Dreamweaver's CSS tools, create and style tables, and work with templates and forms. Websites will be published to a server and evaluated as part of the course assignments and projects. Students enrolling in this course should be capable of using the Windows or Mac operating system and have an understanding of basic file management. Fulfills open and software electives. (3 lecture hours per week)
CPS240 Web Programming with PHP and MySQL
Pre: Communications and Mathematics Proficiencies
Co: CPS140
The fundamentals of PHP programming including some advanced features of the language such as database optimization, Object Oriented services, and Web Services support. Emphasis is on PHP applications that are portable across database engines.
CPS122 Operating Systems
Pre: CPS100
A comprehensive study of current operating system (OS) technology including the OS architecture, utilities and tools of the OS, file system management and system optimization, system processes, application support, system commands, system documentation, customization, diagnostics, fault tolerance, and features of different OS systems. Emphasis is placed on the efficient use of the OS to monitor, manage and maximize use of system resources, and troubleshooting. Fulfills open and software electives. (4 hours of lecture per week)
Co: CPS140
This course will provide students with practical experience developing XML solutions, including writing well-formed XML documents, modeling business requirements using XML, coding XML reserved characters, validating an XML document with a DTD, using entities, capturing user requirements with XML Schemas, and writing XSL templates to transform XML documents into HTML. Fulfills open and software electives. (3 lecture hours per week)
CPS174 Introduction to Flash
Pre: Communications Proficiency
This course will cover the features of the Flash interface, including the drawing tools, layers, and scenes. Students will begin with creating frame-by-frame animations and advance to shape and motion tweened movies. The following topics will also be covered: creating and using library symbols, publishing Flash movies, optimization tips, buttons, movie clips, sound, and ActionScript. Fulfills open, software, and Web development electives. (3 lecture hours per week)
CPS242 Ajax
Pre: CPS140 and CPS240
This course introduces students to creating interactive web pages using AJAX. Hands-on exercises will include programming in JavaScript to download XML from the server and manipulate the XML content. Many Ajax related technologies will be examined and Ajax Web applications will be built. (3 lecture hours per week)
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