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Youth Worker (PYK)
Program Course Descriptions

PSY102 Introductory Psychology
Pre: Communications Proficiency
Systematic study of behavior including the development of psychology as a science, the biological basis of behavior, learning and memory, motivation, sensation and perception, personality development, cognitive processes, maturation and development, and adjustment. Fulfills open, liberal arts, social science, and behavioral science electives.
PYW101 Working with Youth
This course provides an overview of the history, ethics, professional standards, and the practical skills needed to be an effective Youth Worker. Recognized core competencies will be used as a foundation of learning to broaden student understanding. Topics include a strengths- based approach to youth development, intervention skills, violence and conflict resolution, and social systems. Students will be given an opportunity to explore how trauma and loss affect young people.
PYW222 Seminar and Practice of Youth Work
Pre: Communications Proficiency, PYW101
Co: PSY102
This course provides the opportunity for students to engage in the practical application of Youth Work. Through a 120 hour internship, students will work with youth in a number of youth service agencies. Through the process of thirty hours (2 hours per week) of group discussions, reflection and assigned activities, the students will demonstrate their mastery of established core competencies of youth work.
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