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North Shore Community College
Quick Facts

  • Credit Program
  • Open Admissions
  • Financial Aid Eligible
  • Blended Program
  • Management (MGD)
    Program Description

    Career, Degree (AS)

    The Management Degree prepares students for a variety of positions in many business environments. In addition to learning the theory and application of corporate and small business management, students are provided with a solid foundation in business law, business mathematics, and human resource management. Other topics include basic and managerial accounting, economics, and marketing.

    Business technology is also emphasized. Students will gain hands-on experience in several popular software packages. In addition, students will learn how to use computer skills to prepare reports and analyze data, as well as report and present findings from a management perspective.

    As part of this program, students have the opportunity to enhance career development by integrating both classroom study and work experience in the management field through participation in the Cooperative Education/Internship course.

    For more information email us at: Business@northshore.edu or call 978-739-5522

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