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Graphic Design Certificate (GDC)
Program Course Descriptions

ART116 Intro to Digital Photography
CPS158 Dreamweaver
Pre: Communications Proficiency
This hands-on course explores the design of Web sites using Dreamweaver software. Students will define a web site, work with text and images, use Dreamweaver's CSS tools, create and style tables, and work with templates and forms. Websites will be published to a server and evaluated as part of the course assignments and projects. Students enrolling in this course should be capable of using the Windows or Mac operating system and have an understanding of basic file management. Fulfills open and software electives. (3 lecture hours per week)
GRA101 Introduction to Graphic Design
GRA118 Digital Page Layout
Pre: Communications and Mathematics Proficiencies
Provides a hands-on introduction to Adobe InDesign, a desktop publishing software widely used in the graphic design industry. Topics covered include an introduction to the Macintosh operating system, design and page layout principles, and an overview of the publishing process. Projects completed include Corporate ID, brochures, flyers, and newsletters. (3 hours of lecture per week)
GRA202 Digital Illustration
Pre: Communications and Mathematics Proficiencies
Designed to familiarize students with using the computer to produce illustrations. Using Adobe Illustrator, students will learn to work with tools, palettes, objects, and type. Assignments include logos, illustrations, and single-page layouts. Special attention is given to visual design aspects exporting images, and related software and hardware issues. Students entering this course must be able to locate, create, and manipulate files and have a working knowledge of how to use a web browser to access information on the WWW.
GRA116 Electronic Imaging
Pre: Communications and Mathematics Proficiencies
Provides hands-on skill development on preparing electronic images using Adobe Photoshop. Special emphasis will be on understanding the tools and menus of this sophisticated program. Scanning, image manipulation, filters, masking, exporting images, creating collages, and color editing and correction will be emphasized. Various legal, software, and hardware issues involved in preparing electronic images will be addressed. Students entering this course must be able to locate, create, and manipulate files and have a working knowledge of how to use a web browser to access information on the WWW.
GRA140 Integrated Media Design Principles
Pre: Communications and Mathematics Proficiencies
This course introduces current design techniques, hardware options and software applications prominent in the growing field of integrated digital graphic design and marketing communications. Students will investigate new methodologies and offerings in print, web design, social media (blogs, social networks, video sites), wikis, mobile media (podcasts and Smartphone apps), webinars and email promotions. Emphasis is placed on marketing/design concepts, best practices and hands-on skills development associated with creative integrated media/promotional options. Fulfills open, marketing and small business directed electives.
GRA204 Typography
Pre: GRA118 & GRA202
Provides hands-on experience with effective use of typography in preparing graphic design projects. Lectures will cover the history of type, the development of major type families, identification/classification, nomenclature and the use of typographic contrast/emphasis. Students will prepare design solutions incorporating type and images manually and by using computer software. An appreciation of type as a graphical element is a key outcome of this course.
GRA216 Graphic Design Portfolio
Pre: GRA118 and GRA202
Co: GRA116 and GRA204
Students will apply creative and digital skills to create and fine-tune professional graphic design projects related to advertising, marketing, and promotional materials. Emphasis is placed on producing a diverse graphic design portfolio of visual designs and self-promotional materials, showcasing the student's style. These materials will demonstrate technical competencies, creative and conceptual abilities that may be required by a client. Students will also be required to prepare electronic versions of their portfolio. The course culminates with mock interviews, portfolio presentations, design justification and critiques.
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