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North Shore Community College

Elementary Education Transfer Program (EET)
Learning Outcomes

    Graduates of the Elementary Education Transfer Degree Program will:

    1. Correctly use knowledge of the developmental stages of children and of social-cultural contexts to identify needs and behaviors of individual children.

    2. Identify and understand current trends in education.

    3. Describe and use procedures for early identification of and practice with children with diverse abilities in elementary classroom settings

    4. Effectively apply content knowledge in liberal arts and sciences to practice in elementary classroom settings.

    5. Develop and successfully use strategies for classroom behavior management.

    6. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively and sensitively with families of diverse backgrounds orally and in writing.

    7. Demonstrate effective workplace behavior skills: time management, attendance, professional appearance, flexibility, respecting confidentiality, and working well with others.

    8. Develop a personal plan for continued professional growth.

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