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Elective Options

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Executive Administrative Assistant (EAD)
Program Course Descriptions

CMP101 Composition 1
Pre: Placement exam score
Emphasis is on developing skills of writing, reading, analytical thinking, and research. Students are introduced to thought provoking ideas in readings from a variety of disciplines and learn to organize material, analyze ideas, and produce clear writing. Fulfills open and liberal arts electives.
LA-ELECTIVE Liberal Arts Elective(s)
OFT101 Keyboarding and Word Processing
Pre: Communications Proficiency
This course will introduce and reinforce keyboarding techniques and speed and accuracy development. Basic word processing concepts will be introduced using the latest version of MS Word. Students will learn the word processing functions necessary to create and format business documents including letters, memos, tables, and reports. (3 hours of lecture per week)
OFT114 Business Communications
Pre: Communications Proficiency
This course is designed to prepare students to become effective communicators in business. Topics include a review of grammar and punctuation and techniques to improve reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Emphasis is on the composition of business correspondence and the ability to write clearly and concisely. The course will also include factors such as global communication, cultural diversity, ethics, and technology and their impact on business communication
OPN-ELECTIVE Open Elective
ACC104 Essentials of Accounting for Business
Pre: Communications and Mathematics Proficiencies
A one-semester introductory accounting course. Students will use journals, ledgers, and work sheets to summarize transactions and prepare financial statements. Includes maintenance and record keeping for checking accounts, petty cash funds, and payroll. The course will include computer software covering the accounting cycle. Fulfills open and business electives. (3 hours of lecture per week)
CMP102-150 Composition 2 Elective
Pre: CMP101
Emphasis is on the principles and practices of newspaper writing, editing and the publication of printed media, typography, copyfitting, headline writing, and photo journalism. Two lectures and one writing lab are scheduled each week. The work may include writing for college or community publications. Fulfills open, liberal arts, composition 2, and humanities electives.
LA-ELECTIVE Liberal Arts Elective(s)
OFT102 Advanced Keyboarding and Word Processing
Pre:Communications Proficiency and ability to Keyboard 35 wpm or OFT 101
This course continues to develop keyboarding and word processing skills. Major emphasis is placed on increasing speed and accuracy skills and producing various business documents from arranged, unarranged, handwritten, and rough-draft sources using MS Word advanced features.
OFT222 Spreadsheets and Presentation Graphics
Pre: Communications Proficiency and OFT101 or OFT102 or OFT 201
This course gives the student a working knowledge of the capabilities of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint application software using a case-oriented, problem-solving approach. Students will learn proper spreadsheet design elements including working with cells, creating formulas and functions, formatting worksheets, and generating charts. Students will also learn to create business presentations including working with text, graphics, sound, transitions, and animation. Strategies for delivering a powerful presentation will be included.
LA-ELECTIVE Liberal Arts Elective
OFT212 Administrative Office Procedures
Pre: OFT114 and OFT101 or OFT102 or OFT201
Designed to develop professional work ethics, attitudes and techniques needed by the administrative assistant in a contemporary business environment. Course includes simulated office experiences with emphasis on communications, human relations, travel arrangements, office mail, and organizational techniques. Fulfills open and office technology electives.
OFT226 Database and Calendar Management
Pre:Communications Proficiency and OFT101 or OFT102 or OFT201
This course introduces the concepts and applications of database management software. Students will plan and create a database, build tables and enter data,design and execute queries, and generate reports using the latest version of Microsoft Access. Students will utilize Microsoft Outlook for transmitting business emails, maintaining contacts, and managing a calendar.Fulfills open and office technology electives.
OPN-ELECTIVE Open Elective(s)
SPE102/104 Speech or Small Group Communication
Focuses on the nature and effects of verbal communication. Students will become familiar with the communication process, including some of the following: principles of organization, purpose, language structure, effective delivery, and audience analysis. Students individually will use these elements in informative and persuasive speaking in the traditional speaker-audience relationship. Fulfills open, liberal arts, and humanities electives.
COP202 Cooperative Education/Internship
Pre: 2.0 CQPA, CMP101 & 27 credits in student's program
Enhances career development and professional growth by integrating classroom study and seminar sessions with a faculty supervised 120 hour work experience in the student's academic major. Focuses on developing job search skills, work ethics, human relations and communications skills needed for success in the workplace. Course registration is subject to the availability of an approved internship/cooperative education work site.
LA-ELECTIVE Liberal Arts Elective(s)
OFT209 Information Transcription
OFT240 Administrative Office Management
Pre:OFT114 and OFT102 or OFT201
Prepares administrative assistants with the administrative and supervisory skills needed in today's automated office. Focuses on basic management theories, the effects of automation in the office, utilization of human resources, and administration and control of office operations. Fulfills open and office technology electives.
OFT252 Integrated Office Applications
Pre: OFT102 and OFT222
Co: OFT226
This capstone course includes integrated, project-based office applications utilizing the latest version of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Students will produce a variety of business documents with an emphasis on efficiency and productivity required in the workplace. In addition, critical thinking and Internet research skills will be developed. Fulfills open and office technology electives
North Shore Community College reserves the right to make changes in courses, program requirements, policies, and regulations as circumstances dictate. There is no guarantee that any listed course will be offered in any given semester.
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