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Aviation Management (AMD)
Program Course Descriptions

ACC101 Basic Accounting 1
Pre: Communications and Mathematics Proficiencies
Introduction of the accounting process for the financial enterprise. Students will gain insight to the value of financial reports in business decision-making. Communicative, quantitative, critical thinking and ethical considerations will be emphasized. Topics include: the framework of accounting, the preparation and analysis of financial statements, transaction analysis for service and merchandising operations, inventories, accounting information systems, internal control, and accounting for cash. General ledger software and other appropriate computer applications may be included. Fulfills open and business electives (3 hours of lecture per week)
AVS101 Private Pilot Ground School
Pre: Communications and Mathematics Proficiencies
This FAA approved Part 141 ground school includes basic flight concepts, principles of meteorology, airman publications, map projections, pre-flight planning, computer and course plotting, basic radio navigational systems and applications, federal air regulations, use of avionics and emergency procedures. This course prepares students for the FAA Private Pilot written examination. (60 hours, 4 hours of lecture per week)
BUS100 Introduction to Business
Pre: Communications and Mathematics Proficiencies
Designed to introduce the student to the various aspects of the business world. Topics include economic systems, management principles, organizing concepts, motivation theory, production and quality, marketing principles, accounting concepts, financial management and contracts. Fulfills open and business elective.
CMP101 Composition 1
Pre: Placement exam score
Emphasis is on developing skills of writing, reading, analytical thinking, and research. Students are introduced to thought provoking ideas in readings from a variety of disciplines and learn to organize material, analyze ideas, and produce clear writing. Fulfills open and liberal arts electives.
GEO110 Meteorology
Pre: Communications Proficiency
Surveys the nature of weather conditions and the basic atmospheric processes which create the conditions. Radiation and heat balance, water phase changes, cloud formations, and wind systems are studied. Weather map interpretation and the analysis of violent weather are stressed, and a brief introduction to climatology is included. Fulfills open, liberal arts and science electives. (3 hours of lecture per week)
ACC102 Basic Accounting 2
Pre: ACC101
A continuation of ACC101 applying communicative, quantitative, and critical thinking skills to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Topics include: accounting for receivables, plant assets, natural resources, intangible assets, investments, payroll, accounting for various types of equity, introductory current and long term liabilities, partnerships, corporations, and preparation of the Cash Flow Statement. General ledger software and other appropriate computer applications may be included. Fulfills open and business electives. (3 hours of lecture per week)
BUS102 Business Law
Pre: Communications proficiency
Introduction to business law with emphasis on the formation of a contract, defenses to avoid contractual liability, discharge of contracts, remedies for breach of contract, introduction to the Uniform Commercial Code, sales, warranties, and consumer protection. Fulfills open and business electives.
CMP102-150 Composition 2 Elective
Pre: CMP101
Emphasis is on the principles and practices of newspaper writing, editing and the publication of printed media, typography, copyfitting, headline writing, and photo journalism. Two lectures and one writing lab are scheduled each week. The work may include writing for college or community publications. Fulfills open, liberal arts, composition 2, and humanities electives.
MGT102 Principles of Management
Pre: Communications proficiency
Covers the fundamentals of management including the functions of planning, organizing, influencing, and controlling in organizations. Prepares business students to better understand the management process.
OPN-ELECTIVE Open Elective
ACC203 Managerial Accounting
Pre: ACC102 or ACC108
Emphasizes the use of cost issues for management to make informed decisions for business planning. Topics include cost classifications, job cost systems, process costing, cost behavior, cost- volume-profit analysis, budgeting with variance analysis using standard costs, relevant costs for decision making, capital investments, Activity Based Costing and financial statement analysis; additional topics may be covered. Fulfills open and business electives. (3 lecture hours per week)
AVS212 Human Factors in Flight Operations
Co:AVS101This course introduces students to the concept of human factors and an understanding of the role humans play in contributing to aviation safety. Topics include safety management systems (SMS), components and physical limitations of the eye, ear, and brain, cockpit design of both traditional and technically advanced aircraft, the effect of body rhythms and sleep on humans, stress and fatigue, aeronautical decision making, situational awareness, risk management, and crew resource management. Each of these topics is examined with respect to how pilot judgment is impacted. Historic aviation accidents will be analyzed with respect to how human factors contributed to the accident. Course restricted to Aviation Science Professional Pilot and Aviation Management Majors.
CPS-ELECTIVE Computer Science Elective(s)
ECO103 Economics 1: Principles of Macroeconomics
Pre: Communications Proficiency
The study of the overall level of economic activity - output, employment, and prices - and the forces that shape that activity. Topics include: national income accounting; the role of consumption, saving, investment, and government spending; money and economic activity; the tools of public policy available which may be used to promote the macro goals of growth, full employment, and price stability; the different economic maps of reality that explain and shape our decisions about economic landscape. Fulfills open, liberal arts, and social science electives.
MAT151 Precalculus 1
Pre: MAT092 or 094 or 131 or 135 w/C or better,or place exam score
First of a two-course sequence which prepares students for the study of Calculus. A study of advanced topics in algebra including: equations, inequalities, circles, functions, properties of functions, zeros of polynomial functions and complex numbers, graphs of functions including polynomial and rational functions. Conic sections and advanced topics in systems of equations will be included as time permits. Fulfills open, liberal arts, and mathematics electives. (Formerly titled College Algebra 1)
AVS214 Aviation Law and Safety
Pre: AVS101
A study of national and international aviation law, labor issues, conflict resolution, attributes and behavior of the aviation professional. This course will include a study of career planning, responsibilities of the aviation professional, substance abuse, discrimination in the workplace, environmental issues concerning aviation, aviation safety and changes in regulatory procedures. Course restricted to Aviation Science Professional Pilot and Aviation Management majors.
ECO104 Economics 2: Principles of Microeconomics
Pre: Communications Proficiency
A study of the economics of markets and market economies. This study of individual decision makers and their interaction in markets includes: the basic concepts of demand, supply, and the price mechanism; elasticity; the economics of the firm and market structures; the microeconomic role of government; the distribution of income; international trade and finance; the problems of economic development, and comparative economic systems. Fulfills open, liberal arts, and social science electives.
MKT101 Marketing
Pre: Communications proficiency
Introduces the role of marketing in business and other organizations. Basic theory and terminology are examined with emphasis on the major components of marketing: product, price, promotion, and distribution.
OPN-ELECTIVE Open Elective(s)
SPE102 Speech
Focuses on the nature and effects of verbal communication. Students will become familiar with the communication process, including some of the following: principles of organization, purpose, language structure, effective delivery, and audience analysis. Students individually will use these elements in informative and persuasive speaking in the traditional speaker-audience relationship. Fulfills open, liberal arts, and humanities electives.
North Shore Community College reserves the right to make changes in courses, program requirements, policies, and regulations as circumstances dictate. There is no guarantee that any listed course will be offered in any given semester.
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