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General Education Outcomes

The General Education Outcomes for North Shore were revisited in 2012, and the new Outcomes were accepted by faculty and staff in February of 2013.

The NSCC GenEd Outcomes:

Our goal is that students completing their studies at NSCC will be prepared to:


Comprehend and critically interpret ideas and information, whether presented verbally, symbolically, numerically, visually, or artistically.

Construct thoughtful, creative questions and ideas based on relevant and appropriate information.

Participate in opportunities for civic engagement such as internships, community service, service-learning or democratic processes and reflect on those experiences.


Recognize when information is needed; locate, organize, evaluate, and use that information effectively.

Use information technology critically and creatively.


Explore issues from multiple perspectives, differentiate approach for audience and purpose, and support ideas with sufficient evidence.

Work within diverse communities to develop solutions to civic problems of local, national, and/or global significance.


Relate to individuals, groups and organizations in the professional/work environment and community by demonstrating respectful and honest behaviors that have been modeled in the academic setting.

Recognize the environmental, social, and economic aspects of sustainability and its interdependence, and express awareness of how their values and choices affect the environment and society.

Make informed decisions to solve real world problems.


Produce logically developed writing using correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Cite sources appropriately within written or oral work.

Demonstrate accurate calculations and symbolic operations.

Use appropriate technology for basic applications, information access, and electronic communication.

Show respect and courtesy for others both within and outside the NSCC community and reflect sensitivity to other points of view.

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