Choosing the right course for your ESL needs depends on your goals.

NSCC offers two types of courses: credit classes for academic studies and noncredit classes to improve basic communication skills.

How to choose the type of course right for you:

Watch the Credit vs. NonCredit ESL Video to learn more about the differences.

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Do I want to improve my English skills for academic purposes?

Typically, if you want a degree or certificate, this is your quickest route to achieving your goal. Credit-level ESL is designed to prepare you with the standard academic language skills necessary to be successful in college-level courses.

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Do I want to improve my English skills to help me better communicate in everyday life?

If you are looking to improve English skills for everyday living, such as helping your child with their homework, talking with your neighbors, or using your English skills at your local restaurant or store, noncredit ESL will help you build basic English skills.

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What if I have a degree from another country? 

If you already have a degree from another country, you should make sure to have it evaluated. Some degrees or classes may be eligible to count towards your degree.

Ask an advisor for more information.

What resources and supports are available?

All students have access to the full range of college supports, including academic advising, the language learning lab, tutoring, crisis counseling, full access to library resources, TRIO, and Accessibility Services.

Credit ESL courses

Day and evening courses are held on the Lynn Campus.

Noncredit ESL classes

Day and evening courses are held on the Lynn and Danvers Campuses.

Contact for more information on ESL courses

ESL courses

For any questions about credit or noncredit ESL, please contact or call 978-762-4067