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North Shore Community College

Behavioral Sciences Department

Jennifer Harris
Department Chair

The Department of Behavioral Science mission supports many of the aspects of the college's mission, especially fostering "intellectual development and cultural and personal growth...." The Department of Behavioral Science is designed to offer students in transfer degree, career degree, and career certificate programs, the opportunity to acquire knowledge, analytical skills, interpersonal skills, and appropriate values that enhance their opportunities for succeeding in our constantly changing world. Students will develop a better understanding of themselves and their self in relation to others and the natural environment, and become an active participant in making, maintenance, and appreciation of an individual, society, and culture. Classroom experiences include traditional and non-traditional activities including lecture, classroom demonstration, introduction of guest speakers, field trips, role-playing, examination of film and media, as well as student production of projects using the various sensory modalities. Additionally, the Department is responsive to the changing needs of the college community, in general, and the overall diverse needs of the communities the college services, and is sincerely focused on the success and achievement of our students.
Questions or comments to jennifer.harris@northshore.edu.

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