Please give the student's full name
This position must be posted on the Work-Study Job Posting site.
The pay rate must be the same one identified in your job description on the Work-Study Job Posting site.
Enter an estimated number of hours the student will be working in this position. Although there is no maximum number of hours a student can work, the job can not interfere with class schedules and study times. It is recommended not to exceed 15 hours per week.
Please enter the semester(s) the student will be working

When you click the Submit button, this information is transmitted to the Work-Study Coordinator in the Financial Aid Office. If the student is eligible for Work-Study funding, they must submit required payroll paperwork to the Financial Aid Office. You or the student can download the Work-Study forms.

After the student submits required paperwork to the Financial Aid Office, you will receive a Work-Study contract via email within a few days. The contract will show the maximum amount of Work-Study funding available for the position.

IMPORTANT: The maximum award on the contract may not reflect the student's hourly rate times the number of estimated hours. The student's maximum award is determined by additional factors such as the amount of Federal Work-Study funding allocated to the college each year. 






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