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North Shore Community College

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Barbara Ikalainen
Green Initiatives Coordinator
(978) 762-4000 x5560

Sustainability at NSCC

North Shore Community College: Contributing to a Sustainable North Shore

On February 28, 2007 North Shore Community College became the 100th college nationwide to sign onto The American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment. This step put in motion an expansion of the college's commitment to environmental stewardship. NSCC has adopted a holistic approach to sustainability and the application of green principles that engages the entire college community.

Environmental Stewardship

The college is dedicated to:

  • protecting the environment by reducing its carbon footprint;
  • incorporating environmental/sustainable curriculum, goals and objectives into its courses, programs and projects;
  • promoting a sense of environmental stewardship in the college community and North Shore region.

The college's strategic plan outlines its dedication to creating an environmentally sound, economically viable, and socially responsible future by advocating the study of sustainability and the application of green principles such as conservation, environmental justice and green education in its college, communities, and individual lives.

Sustainability at NSCC

Examples of NSCC's commitment to sustainability can be found in all aspects of the College. Fall 2011 saw the completion of the Commonwealth's first Zero Net Energy Building. NSCC employs energy improvement measures on both campuses, established a "green" curriculum program and has an active Green Team - a group of volunteer faculty and staff who collaborate to raise campus and community awareness of sustainability issues.

In addition, the college has strengthened its commitment by hiring a part-time Green Initiatives Coordinator to oversee the college's sustainability initiatives. This role will also serve to educate the college and community about why sustainability needs to be a priority, as well as promote a green economy and green jobs.

Zero Net Energy Building

NSCC's state-of-the-art Health Professions & Student Services Building demonstrates on multiple levels NSCC's commitment sustainability.
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Building Terminology

Confused by some of the terms or technology that went into our new Green Building? Check out our Glossary for an explanation.

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