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Academic Awards at NSCC


North Shore Community College offers a variety of honors for students who have demonstrated academic distinction in any of their years at NSCC. They are awarded to every undergraduate student attaining the required proficiency. North Shore Community College supports academic achievement and is pleased to recognize and reward undergraduate students whose performance merits special attention.

Dean's List Honors

Dean's List Honors will be awarded to students who have earned six or more semester hours of academic credit with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.30 or higher. Dean's List will be published at the conclusion of each academic session.

Most Recent Dean's List

Commencement Honors

Commencement Honors are awarded to students who have completed degree/certificate requirements with a Cumulative College-Level Grade Point Average (CLCGPA) of 3.30 or higher according to the following scale:

A CLCGPA of 3.30-3.69 qualifies a student for honors,
A CLCGPA of 3.70-3.89 qualifies a student for high honors,
A CLCGPA of 3.90-4.00 qualifies a student for highest honors.

In addition, those graduating with honors are required to have earned at least 50% of their required credits in residence at North Shore Community College. Students earning commencement honors are so designated in the commencement program.

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