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North Shore Community College

Academic Clubs

Alpha Eta Rho

This is the Aviation Club.

Advisor(s): John Kreeft,(978) 762-4000 x5592 or jkreeft@northshore.edu


Biological Science Club

The purpose of the Biological Science Club is to raise awareness and promote education in the biological sciences field. Also to promote effective communication between and among students and faculty of the Division and College. This club will provide professional enrichment experiences for its members.

Advisor(s): Scott Stimpson,(978) 762-4000 x6288 or sstimpso@northshore.edu


Criminal Justice Club

The Criminal Justice Club heightens awareness of students interested in careers in Law, Law Enforcement, Corrections and related fields. In addition the club provides an informal support group and enhances course work studies. Events include exhibitions, demonstrations and speakers.

Advisor(s): Ann Koshivas Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice DB367c (978) 762-4000 x5418


Economics & Finance Club

The members of the Economics and Finance Club will consist of all students enrolled or interested in economic, finance, and business classes. The club will provide professional enrichment experiences for its members.

Advisor(s): Moonsu Han, (978) 762-4000 x5456 or mhan@northshore.edu


Financial Accounting and Investments

The purpose of the Financial Accounting and Investments Club will be the familiarization with the "generally accepted accounting principles," analyzation of financial documents, problem solving, and discussion of current events including investing ideas and trends.

Advisor(s): Ulises Arcos-Castrejon, (978) 762-4000 x5456 or uarcosca@northshore.edu


Food Science Club

The Food Science Club was developed to help keep students interested in Food Science and Nutrition, aware of recent development in the Food Sciences and to help them in their career search or continuance of their education. Students enrolled in the "Food Science and Safety" or "Nutritional Science and Diet Technology" programs at NSCC are eligible to be members. The club also welcomes anyone who may have an interest in a safe and nutritious food supply.

Advisor(s): Gregory Reppucci DS216 (978) 762-4000 x4375 Professor of Natural Science


Gerontology Club

A club dedicated to the support of the study of aging and the proposition that life at any age can be fulfilling and worthwhile. Sponsors lectures, social events, and activities relating to the theme of successful aging. Meetings are held monthly at the Lynn Campus. Membership is open to all students of all ages.

Advisor(s): TBA


La Pomme y Naranjias (french/ spanish club)

This club helps students further their education on learning a second language by creating dialectic between the vast cultures of students who attend North Shore Community College. All are welcome to join and there is no requirement of knowledge of a second language.

Advisor(s): Irene Fernandez, (781) 593-6722 x5442 or ifernand@northshore.edu


Nursing Freshman

Advisor(s): Linda Goodale, (978) 762-4000 x6665 or lgoodale@northshore.edu


Nursing Sophomore

Advisor(s): Heather Nelson, (978) 762-4000 x4437, hnelson@northshore.edu


Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

PTK is a national honor society for students at two-year colleges who exhibit an outstanding academic performance throughout each semester. Membership is by invitation to NSCC students in a degree program with a minimum of 12 credits and a college grade point average of 3.7. Eligible students pay an initial lifetime membership fee. This one time fee may vary from year to year. NSCC is affiliated with the nationwide organization through its own chapter, Alpha Lambda Kappa.

Advisor(s): Lisa Milso, Director of Student Life, LW171 (781) 593-6722 x2164 and Fred Altieri, DB367H, (978) 762-4000 x5556


Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy Club is open to all students enrolled in both classes of Physical Therapist Assistant Program. The club will promote effective communication between and among students and faculty and recognize individual achievements of its members. They will also identify and participate in a health professions community service project.

Advisor(s): Diane Caruso, (978) 762-4000 x4469 or dcaruso02@northshore.edu


Practical Nursing

Advisor(s): Donna Lampman, (978) 762-4000 x4206 or dlampman@northshore.edu


Pre-Med Club

The Pre-Med Club provides an opportunity for students interested in pursuing careers in the field of health science, including but not limited to Medicine, Optometry, Dentistry, Chiropractics, Naturopathy, Podiatry, Veterinary Medicine, and Biomedical Research. Club membership gives you an opportunity to receive information about the fields, including required course work, the application process, and licensing. The club also provides you with an opportunity to attend conferences on your chosen field and share ideas and information with fellow students.

Advisor(s): Ray Parker, (978) 762-4000 x6683 or rparker@northshore.edu


Sota Club

Membership is limited to Occupational Therapy Assistant (SOTA) students. Purpose of the SOTA Club is to increase social and professional contacts in the field. Fundraisers help sponsor field trips to professional conferences and lectures. Meetings are held on a monthly basis.

Advisor(s): Mary Malone, Professor of Occupational Therapy, mmalone@northshore.edu


Student Art Club

Advisor(s): James Chisholm, (978) 762-4000 x5548 or jchishol@northshore.edu.


Student Civic Engagement-Anti-Violence Club

The Student Civic Engagement-Anti-Violence Club addresses the plaguing issues of violence in our communities. Students network to provide forums for community organizations and those in leadership roles to come together to put a face, voice, and an end to violence. Let Peace begin with me.

Advisor(s): Laurie Messina, Dean of Liberal Studies, DB366D, (978) 762-4000 x5512; Troy Smith, Associate Professor of Human Services, LE134, (978) 762-4000 x6673

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