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North Shore Community College

Online Scholarship Application Process

The application system is designed to allow for an easy application process. Submitting your application will automatically match you up with scholarships you are eligible for. A review committee will be evaluating all eligible applications and selecting the scholarship recipients.

To apply online for an NSCC Foundation scholarship:

  1. Log in to the system at: http://northshore.academicworks.com using your Campus Pipeline username and password. Click on the blue "Sign In" button on the upper right corner of the page. 

  2. After logging in you will be on the General Application page.

    Complete the application. At any time you can save your information and come back later by clicking on the Save and Keep Editing button.

    Once you are done click the Finish and Submit button.

  3. After selecting Finish and Submit you will be brought to the Opportunities page. You will be automatically matched to scholarships you are qualified to receive.

  4. There are two options under the Opportunities menu. Selecting Recommendations will list addional scholarships you may be eligible for – each of these scholarships has one or two additional questions you must answer to apply.

    Selecting All displays all scholarships NSCC offers - please note you may not be qualified for all scholarships.

  5. Please note your scholarship application is not complete without a letter of recommendation from an NSCC faculty or staff member. You can request a letter of recommendation by entering the name and email address of the NSCC faculty or staff person who will be uploading the letter of recommendation to complete your application.

    PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for managing your references under the "references" tab under your student dashboard. If your reference provider does not submit the letter, you will not be considered for an award, so please check this often to ensure your letter is completed and submitted. You can re-request from the "references" tab OR you can request someone else by returning back to the general application and making changes. Only the most recently selected reference will be considered.

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