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Anonymous Reporting Program


Do you know something about a crime that has been or will be committed? Have you heard about illegal activity, committed or planned? Use the following form to alert the North Shore Community College Campus Police. We will keep your tips strictly confidential, and if you choose to remain anonymous, we have no means to find out who you are.

This form will be anonymously e-mailed to our Investigations Division and shall be treated confidentially. They will evaluate the information and will make a determination whether the information is actionable.

If you're a victim of a crime or you're reporting a crime in progress please contact us at (781) 477-2100 or extension 6222.

Please complete as much information as possible and be specific. Thanks!

1) What Type of Crime are you reporting?
2) Description of the Crime or Activity:
3) Where did the crime or activity occur?
4) Date and time of crime or activity:
5) Suspect(s) name(s) and addresses/telephone numbers:
6) Suspect(s) Description:
7) Classes Suspect(s) attends (Class/Day/Time/Room):
8) Suspect vehicle description:
9) Any other information you believe is important:
Name (optional):
Email (optional):

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