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North Shore Community College

The North Shore Promise Award

NSCC is making free college a reality!
NSCC is committed to making college affordable for even more students to achieve the life-long dream of a college degree with less student debt. The North Shore Promise Award reduces the direct cost to attend NSCC to zero for new full-time students who are eligible for financial aid but lack enough grant funds to cover tuition and fees.

This plan is a first-come, first-qualified promise for up to 100 new students who enroll in the Fall 2018 semester.

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You can get your Bachelor's Degree for under $10,000 >


NSCC is an accredited nonprofit institute of higher education where all are welcome and each is challenged.

NSCC and Salem State University are working together to save you money!

You can get your Bachelor's Degree for under $10,000 >
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