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Pennon Submission Deadlines


Thank you for your interest in submitting to the Pennon. All articles received will be reviewed for acceptance before publishing

We publish monthly eight times per academic year (September, October, November, December, February, March, April and May). Articles must be submitted by email to pennon@northshore.edu. Please include the month you are submitting for in the subject line.

We look for descriptive, and thoughtful writing, along with thorough reporting. Articles should have points of view and a clear voice. We look for articles that have to do with local or global news, human interest, or entertainment, reviews, interviews etc, or stories that provide an interesting new take on a specific known subject. We also publish poetry and short fiction.

Microsoft Word is our preferred format. Articles need to be single spaced and in Times New Roman Font. All images need to be attached in a separate file. High resolution JPEGs are preferred. Include details of people in the photo, i.e (left to right is....)

Please note that no compensation will be offered to students for their submissions beyond the honor of being published.


Submission Deadlines

Submissions are due the 15th of every month for the following month's issue of the Pennon. For example, submissions for the October issue of the Pennon are due September 15th.

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