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Welcome to the Pennon

The Pennon is the student newspaper communicating for the students of North Shore Community College. The paper is student run, with an office at the Danvers Campus. The Pennon gives all students at the college the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to the publication of a monthly newspaper. The Pennon covers all local events, publicizes campus happenings, and gives members of the NSCC a forum to reflect on important issues.

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What's a pennon?

The newspaper's name, selected over two decades ago was explained in the premier issue:

"Pennon- (pên' ûn) noun
A flag or pennant flown from a sailing vessel as a signal. Sets of pennons are used to communicate complex or coded messages."

The name was chosen to reflect the nautical history of the local community for the students of NSCC. While The Pennon has undergone many layout changes in its storied history we have kept our name as a connection to this past.

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